Monday, March 06, 2006

I don't see you guys either

Was watching the news this morning and Admiral Teo was talking about the upcoming elections and how the oppositions just start showing their faces now that elections are near.. But it got me thinking, I don't see the ruling party around much either.

I'm not talking about the big shot MPs, whenever they appear, it will be all over the news and even if I don't see them personally, I would at least catch them on the news. I'm talking about those weaker candidates (I'm using MM's words hot) who are helped by the senior ministers and got into the parliment.

I don't see them on normal days either, I only see them when elections are near.

So Teo is making a pretty unfair statement here. Just coz some people are not visible, it does not mean they are not active, it just means that they are operating below the radar.

Somehow I feel that the lack of visibility of the opposition also have to do with media coverage. The recent debate on media coverage had talked about more than enough on this issue, it's sad but true that we don't have a media that's daring enough.

I most definitely don't want a media like in Taiwan where they report ridiculous news (oo.. that reminded me, I saw a ridiculous news on Shin Min last weekend, that shall be another post, if I can find the paper :p), but I want a media that's not afraid to speak out, to report the truth and to speak out for all sides. Sadly.. .. I can only dream.

Teo or someone else (sorry, I saw the news in the morning and I'm never a morning person) also mentioned that voters should vote for someone who really cares for them or something to that effect. I guess what the person is trying to say is that the opposition do not really care for the people and they just want to win the election.

If going by their logic, I would most definitely vote for the opposition coz they are the ones that cares most for the people's welfare. Why do I say so? First of all, we all know how difficult it is to be an opposition in Singapore. All the perils, lack of support, the danger of being sued left, right and centre for speaking your mind. Who in the right frame of mind would want to be an opposition then? Apparently some people is willing to bet against the odds, people like Goh Meng Seng who believed in making Singapore a better place for our children, who believed in social justice.

These are not people who are out of their minds and power crazy, these are the people who wants to make a difference, who stepped out of their comfort zones to make a difference.

So who are the ones who really care for the people, the oppositions who risked it all? Or the weak PAP candidates that had to be helped to get "elected" into Parliment?



Anonymous said...

Well Said!

Kelong said...

Well, the new PAP MPs are getting a good life and slack because they get voted in so easily by hiding behind the GRCs headed by senior minsters. Never see them around much either.

Jayce said...

My point exactly..