Friday, March 31, 2006

I Hate Audits and Reports

haiz.. trying to do up a report for my boss and it's damn headache!!

The stupid audit report!! I don't mind doing up a proper report, if my boss bother to tell me what you want in the first place. I know this whole report had been pending for the past 3 months but I really cannot get it out if instructions are not clear in the first place. How would I know what the auditor wants?

There's no proper record keeping over in my dept, everything is pretty much in a mess. And though we are the regional office, the country office don't report to us, they work together with us, so it's darn hard to get reports from them.

Plus the fact that my boss was not clear with the report in the first place. She just asked me to do up a template for tracking, fine, I come up with one, send it out to the countries. And then she tells me that she needs this and that. Why can't she tell me in the first place.

And she did not tell me the purpose of the report. The report was meant for audit, but she told me it's for us to keep records. That's two very different things lor, if I knew it's going for audit, I would had done up the template differently, knowing what information I would need from the countries. But I didn't know, so I just put in the most basic fields required and went to gather data.

And then she started asking for this and that, which I would then need another week or two's time to get from the countries. And then she keeps wondering why it's taking so long to compile the report.

Of course it's long, coz she never told me what was needed in the first place. Damn sianz.. She knew what is needed in the report yet she doesn't tell me. Even when I showed her the template, she said it was ok.

Another thing about this report, she was supposed to send out the template to the countries and their bosses, yet she drag drag drag and in the end I have to send it out for her. I know she have a lot of things to do, then don't tell me she is going to send out mah, just leave it to me and I will send it out.

She always wants to see through before letting me send things out and yet she will take darn long to read the mail. Before she has time to read the mail, she will think it's taking too long already and ask me to send it out.. argh!! Then might as well just let me send out in the first place right?

I really dunno what she wants.. irritating.. no wonder my 2 colleagues call it quits already.. I'm so tempted too..

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