Monday, April 03, 2006

First day alone at work..

My two colleagues are gone, now it's one man show till god-knows-when. And I'm already trying to keep my temper in check. My boss is nice, but irritating at times.. Like this morning.

Now that my colleague is gone, she have to turn to me to get things done and I cannot tahan already!! argh!! I think I gotta keep calling Ah Dear today to rant liao.. She keep asking stupid questions which was already explained to her like n times already. What's wrong with her?

She can be darn stubborn, insisting she's right even when others have told her that she's not right. Like this policy thing, we've talked about it before, we even went to the compliance people to talk about it. They already explained to her that the owner of the policy is our big boss and the compliance side only helps us to distribute and maintain the policy. They don't own the policy, and they will not do it, coz if they start owning this policy, they will have to own every god damn policy that comes their way and they will be swamped in policies.

I've already explained that to her, and the compliance lady had explained to her, and still she refuses to listen and keep insisting that compliance should co-own the policy. DUH!!!

Help me.. I'm so going to die.. I think it's time for me to start looking for a new job..

There's something funny too.. My boss was talking to me about my colleague, she was wondering why my colleague quit.. Of course I know the reason, but I can't jolly tell her that my colleague quit coz of her.

My boss is really a nice lady, but after a year of working with her is enough to drive someone crazy. Lucky I'm the more bochup kind and I have someone to complain to, so I don't feel that bad. But my colleague is the kind that cares a lot about her work and so my boss really drove her crazy.

I want my colleagues back.. I miss having someone around to bitch with.. haiz...

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