Friday, March 10, 2006

Irritating GP comprehension essay

Was helping my mei with her GP compre yesterday when I come across this most appalling article written by a bigot who tries to pretend that he's not one, and thus ending up with a lousy piece of essay that does not make sense and confused the hell out of my mei and I.

If you are a bigot, admit that you are one. Why try to pretend to be nice and all when in your mind you're cursing and swearing? I do admit I'm bias against certain people, I never had much chance to interact with them but when I do, I find them irritating. But nevermind, don't step on my toes and I would not complain. Oh, my toes includes my dog's feet, don't anyone dare bully my dog *grrr*

Anyway this article was talking about how we should not view bigots as bigots. It's trying to say that just as we do not discriminate people according to their race, we should not discriminate people according to their religion. This point I agree, but think about it, who's the one that's stirring up shit? Who's the one that cannot tolerate others and ask other people to condemn the others?

Of course, believing in a religion does not make one a bigot. It is one thing to believe in one's teachings and another to take the scriptures at face value. Go down deeper, read between the lines, I always feel that religion is more like a guide, a guide to help us live our lives. Life requires structure, structure to help us make sense. Religion provides this structure, but ultimately it's still a guide, just because I do not follow the scriptures word for word does not mean I will be going to hell. And who knows, hell may be a good place to be for all we know. Heaven is full of nice people, and we all know how boring that can be.. ..

Why can't bigots just admit they are bigots, once you admit that you are something, it's easier for you to change. But then again, I guess these people are too comfortable with building their worth by stepping on others to bother about changing. Ah well, there will always be such people around.

Another thing I want to say about the essay, the teachers at SRJC really needs to rethink about their choice of essays for compre. The essay is so confusing that I had to read it at least twice to understand what it's trying to say, and my comprehension skills are not that bad. The essay is bad coz the writer is trying to be something that he is not and thus churning out a confusing essay which honestly makes no sense.

How can this essay be used as a comprehension exercise for the students? And I think it was one of their common test paper that this essay appeared. It's bad enough to read this essay in normal work, but when you're under pressure, this essay is totally uncomprehensible. Plus it contradicts itself left, right, centre.

Please, choose something that makes a little more sense. Don't just look at the title, take a look at the essay before choosing it. Poor students.

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