Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sirocco - Inspired Mediterranean Dining

Yeah!! I finally found the famous restaurant over in Bangkok!! It's Sirocco over at Silom.

The view at this restaurant is to die for..

sirocco 1
sirocco 2
sirocco 3
sirocco 4
sirocco 5

Darn nice rite? It's situated on the 67th story, so you can get an unobstructed view of Bangkok.

The food looks nice on the website
sirocco 6
sirocco 7

But I read reviews that said that the food is not really that fantastic, especially for the price that you're paying. I've done a rough calculation and it cost about a hundred bucks to dine there, and that's without wine, if you add in the wine.. good luck to your pocket then..

Also the service does not seem to be good, the reservation always have some problems ( I hate reservation problems) and they actually ask you to leave so that they can seat other customers. Duh, where on earth do you find a restaurant that asks its paying customers to leave? This is the place.

So now I'm thinking should we still go there for dinner.. But the view.. it's so nice.. I dun mind the price, but I really mind the service level and the standard of the food.. how how??


nottotian said...
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nottotian said...

Whahah, I've sipped cocktails at their balcony before! It was really shiok, and there were fireworks over the river!

So I say.. yes you should go. Maybe just to have a drink.

Anonymous said...

I have been there twice, i never have problem with service. The last time was on 17th March this year. As for what you mentioned about asking customer to leave, I think it is due to the reservation list. Almost everyday the reservation list is full, so if you go in without a reservation, I think it is only reasonable that they inform you not to wait.
As for the food it is nice, not superb, but i think the whole atmosphere makes up for it.
Tell the cab driver to go to STATE TOWER along Silom Road. It is near Shangri La Hotel.
Oh, and don't be late for your resevration.

Jayce said...

Thank you all so much for the info :)

I'll probably pop by for a drink, gonna ask my sis's bf to treat :p hee..