Thursday, February 16, 2006


*sniff sniff* *cough cough*

Been on MC for the past two days due to the stupid cold.. Really feel very sad, I was actually sick on Valentine's Day!?!? hao tao yan..

Luckily, Ah Dear was with me this two days.

Thank you Ah Dear dear for taking care of me for the past two days :p You must had been bored watching me sleep all day and sorry for waking you up with all my coughs in the middle of the night. Thank you.

Now I'm back at work with tons of things to do. What a time to fall sick, right before my training session.. argh.. I was greeted by 100+ emails this morning, and it took me almost one morning to reply all the mails. So little time so much to do.

And my nose is not cooperating, it's amazing how it can be blocked and runny at the same time. I'm really amazed at myself. Must take this weekend to rest well then can meet the Feng gang on sunday.


b.muse said...

Poor thing u!!


Take good care gal.. Hope u feel better soon!

Jayce said...

I hope so too!! I wanna enjoy breakfast at the pretty Botanic Gardens!!

Burnz said...

dear... no problem accompaning u ... i also doing my own things mah ....