Monday, February 20, 2006

Manila Trip

It's been more than a month since I've got back from Manila, and as usual, I'm too lazy to upload my photos.. hee..

But here they are, a selected few :p
Here's my Ah Bear and Ah Chip in Manila! They are a lucky pair, gotta travel to Bangkok and Manila already! I hope that by the end of the year, they can go to a few more places, maybe Taiwan?

Anyway, I think the housekeeper had a fun time with them, I did not put them in that position, the housekeeper did. And every night when I got back to the room, they are in a different position. Sometimes together, sometimes apart :p

My luggages :p the bear very cute hor, I draw one leh :p hee.. that way it's easier to recognise my luggage when it comes out on the conveyer belt.

I went to Manila with only 2 luggages, both are pretty loosely packed, and I came back with 3 fully packed luggages :p Shopping at Manila is super, there's so so so much things to buy, once you find the right shop that is :)

So what exactly did I get? Pearls were on the top of my list of course, the pearls there are so so cheap and pretty!!!
Look at all the pearls I brought!
That's a total of 14 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 3 pair of earrings and 4 mobile phone charms! Everything for 200 Sing dollars!

Actually I'm not that into pearls, but my colleagues brought us to Greenhills and I really cannot resist myself. Image a shopping area like Bugis Village, then instead of all the clothings, all the shops sell are pearls!! Imagine that!
Just look at all the pearls! How can I resist??
I love these floating necklaces, so so so pretty and they are damn cheap, I think it's about 5 bucks each only :p

And the mobile phone charm are darn pretty! I got them to make it for me on the spot. And the matching earrings too!
Though I don't like green, but this set is just too pretty for me to not buy them :p
I love theses bracelets too, and I got a pretty good bargain off them :) That's the good thing with shopping at Greenhills, you can bargain your way through!
This is a more expensive set, but it's really lovely, very classy and when I tried it on, it just feels nice and cold. So it's another impluse buying.
These two are the most expensive necklaces I've got, they cost about 30+ but it's really a steal coz it's hard to find pearls that goes from small to big then to small. And when you wear them.. What can I say?

The stall had it in 3 colours, white, cream and black and I was so tempted to buy all three, but I ren. Oh, did I mention, I had to borrow money from my boss coz I did not bring enough to shop. But he told us he already prepared money coz he knew we would not have enough to spend. Haha.. that's really what he said :p

Oh, and look at the upper right hand corner of the pic, I love that pair of earrings. It's flatten pearls, and I just love it. Come to think about it, I love all the pearls I brought!

Ooo.. A small confession, one of the expensive necklaces was actually meant for Zhen for her bday present, but when I got home and showed my mum and dajie my pearls, they refused to let me give it to her :p So.. sorry girl :(

Now what else is there other than pearls in Manila? Clothes of course!! And shoes!! And accessories!!
I got these at 10 bucks! So pretty!
And this at 15 bucks! Nice also hor! Good thing Ah Dear is ok with my wearing revealing clothes :) Think coz he likes seeing me in them.. hee..
Puma tee at only 15 bucks leh! Damn cheap rite? And that's the normal price of most of the clothes there. Most are going at half the price of what they are selling in Singapore.

And talking about half price, I'm still beating myself over the Levi thing!! I can't believe that Levi's is only half the price there. Their 501 only cost 60 bucks!! Argh!! And stupid me never went into the boutique to look, I could had brought my princess cut right there! I don't even have to try, I knew exactly what I want.. haiz.. Nevermind, there's always hope, might be able to go Manila again next month.
And this is my fav buy :) A shirt for Ah Dear ^^ It's abit ex but I love the colour and the patterns on it :) Yes, I like Ah Beng stuff.. hee.. I always love shirts with dragons on them :p

Overall a very good trip, though fell sick for the first few days :p shall post pics of the food I had there soon.. when I can drag my ass to go upload the pics.. hee

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