Monday, February 13, 2006

Move on? But to where?

Move on to another job?

Two of my colleagues are leaving by March and that kinda got me thinking, is this really the job that I want to do? Sometimes I really feel like leaving, but after sitting down and remembering that I'm still in debt to the CPF board for the foreseeable 9 years.. .. I change my mind.

But I really don't feel like working.. I want to go back to school!!

Went back to NUS last week and I realise how much I missed the place. I missed the place where I learnt so much, I missed the place where I had fun with my friends, I missed the place which led me to know someone special..

I missed those carefree days, days where the only thoughts were: how much more readings do I have left? Is the tutor going to give us any tips for the exams? Is there a bazaar going on at the forum? Can I squeeze all my lessons into 3 days this sem? Where should we go after school?

Boy, that is life. It may be the same cycle every semester, the nightmare of registering for modules then begging the lecturer to let you into the class, but when lessons start, I actually learn a lot everyday. I enjoy being a sponge and soaking up all the information that the lecturer gives.

Life at work.. .. is just work. Work work work work work. It's not to say that there's nothing to learn at work, but it's not the kind of things that I like to learn. I don't want to learn to push people about and get them to do your bidding, I prefer to learn why things move in general.

I also want to pack up and leave.

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