Monday, January 23, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

The ending caught me by surprise, I never thought that it would be a happy ending. I've never read the book before, I'm not really interested with books that have no technology or magic in them, too boring in my opinion. That's just me.

I thought that the show would be a tragedy, especially when you see all the trailers, you would think that Sayuri died or something in the end, then surprise surprise, she actually got together with her Chairman.

The Chairman is really charismatic, I like this kinda guy, gentleman and charming. But there's something I'm pretty disturbed about their relationship. Sayuri met the chairman when she's about 9, he brought her ice, which melted her heart. Whilst getting her the ice, he told her that his children looks forward to ice every summer.. erm.. meaning to say, he have children that's about her age.. So in the end when he ended up with her, it's like going out and making out with your children!! eee.... gross!!! He's like almost 30 years older than her, old enough to be her dad already!!

I can never understand the attraction between such big age differences. It's not like 3~5 years, it's 30 years. So when the girl was just born, the guy was already flirting and maybe even married.. Unthinkable.

I once had a friend that is like so. Her boyfriend was 21 years older than her, and guess what, he's her dad's business partner. So it's really darn funny but then I can tell she's very much in love so everything is good ba. Plus she gets to drive his BMW coupe when he's not around, so that's good too :)

Overall this is really a very good show, the costumes and backdrop were just so pretty and pacing is good. Must watch!! :)

Oh, and there's this tiny exhibition over at Millenia Walk where they showcased the lovely kinomos that the cast wore in the show.. really very pretty!!

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