Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Want It That Way

And this way and the other way and all the ways there can be!!!

And for sure they were never gone for me..

I'm so so excited now!! Gonna see my beloved Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ and Howie in less than 9 hours' time.. ooo.. *excited*

Finally after all these years, I am getting to see my beloved BackStreet Boys.. It's really after darn long already. Ever since they got popular, they stopped coming to asia :( now finally they're coming and I'm going to see them!! :)

Thank you to my dearest Ah Dear!! This is the best-est anniversary gift ever!! That silly boy went to get the concert tickets without telling me, it was a very pleasant surprise!! :) And there I was searching for someone to go to the concert with me :p

*muaah* Thank you Ah Dear!!

I can still remember BackStreet's Back, Everybody, 10,000 Promises, and so so many of their songs. I just love them.. Especially my Nick!!!

Look at how hot he is!! awww.. I'm a sucker for blond hair and blue eyes.. hee.. And it helps that he have a darn cute younger brother, so me and my mei can swoon at the two brothers :)

Nick Nick Nick! Ah Dear is gonna get jealous liao.. He actually told me he's practising to sing like Nick for me tonite :p bah! I'm not interested, I wanna concentrate 100% on my darling Nick!!

Gosh I'm darn excited!! Nick leh!! Backstreet Boys leh!! Going to their concert is a dream come true ^^/

I can't wait!


Burnz said...

dear ... how dare u speak like that ... i'm practicing leh. LOL ok looks like we'll going to have a good time tonight

Jayce said...

Ah Dear.. I still had a good time with you :) It's our first concert together leh, though it's not great, but it was still fun :)