Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As usual, I enjoy his posts. He's cynical, yet he gets to the heart of the matter. Matters of the heart that is.

I don't like to read about everlasting, happily ever love stories, for they don't exist in real life. And even if they do, they will never happen to me. Plus, it's too boring already..


I think these words applies to almost every aspect of life. The most desirable things are often the things that you can never get. And because you don't have it, you have free rein to imagine what it can be, what it might be. It may not be as beautiful as you make it out to be, but coz you don't have it and do not know how it is like exactly, you imagine it to be the best there ever can be.

The same for love, lost love. That's the love that's the most beautiful. You don't have it anymore, it's fixed in your mind, and the mind works by forgetting the bad things, soon, the love is only filled with the good times. No more bad memories, only sweet sweet memories, which makes you think that that love is better than anything else you have now.

It's called deceiving yourself. But that's part and parcel of life. We need to lie to ourselves to make our lives easier.


Oh well, at least I'm going to see BSB in 4 hours' time! All is good! ^^/

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