Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Dizzying Start

A dizzy start to the first working day of 2006.. what a morning..

I think my body is still in holidays mood, so it protested when I woke up early today.. First was gastrics, then it was dizzy spells. I hate hate hate getting dizzy spells, but then again who likes it?? First I would start to feel that I can't breathe properly, then it will be followed by this clammy feeling all over, then head gets darn heavy, then everything starts to get darker, I will always get to the point of almost blacking out. At this point of time, I must sit down and get a drink and a serious amount of sugar into my system, then will I feel better.

It's bad, I've been having dizzy spells since young, can never seem to get cured leh.. Think coz there's no cure anyway. 2 main reasons why I get dizzy spells, first coz I don't have enough sugar in my system in the mornings. I don't take breakfast, or anything at all, I just don't have the habit. The other reason might be that my eardrums are neurotic, when they are not happy, they will give me hell. Serious, that's what the doctor told me, that my eardrums might be the ones causing my dizzy spells, but without indepth test, they really will not know. Oh well..

Lucky I managed to get to the office in one piece without fainting halfway, but another sianz thing awaits me.. Reluctantly, I switched on my comp, to find 200+ emails waiting for me.. But not all of them are actual mails, a lot of them are delivery reports, so it took me about 5 minutes to delete them all.. only to find 111 emails waiting for me to read and follow up!!

Man, what a day.. what a start to 2006.. is this a sign?? I pray hard it's not. But all is not lost, at least I had a nice morning before I went out of the house :) It was nice coz I don't have to talk about it :)

Must jiayou and work hard!! It's off to Manila next week!!

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