Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia

The movie was really good, the pace was just right and the ending was exactly like what the book wrote.

More importantly, the movie was good coz it was simple. My mum liked the show a lot coz it's easy to understand. That's something that's missing in a lot of shows today, there's so many twists and turns that it gets boring after a while. Sometimes, the simplest story catches the most attention.

But we must keep in mind that simple does not mean silly. Narnia's story is simple, Sky Captain blah blah blah is silly, and stupid.
Just finished reading all seven books and I like the series initially.. Most parts are pretty interesting, some parts are real boring. Then we come to the last book where I find C S Lewis a bit too blantant (?), it's so so Christian. Reminded me of a time when I read this real good series of SF, only to find out in the second book that it's a Christian book.

I don't mind reading stuff that are very Christian, I find them pretty interesting, like my Children's life of Christ by Enid Byton. But I don't like books that pretends to be something else then ends up preaching me about heaven and hell, about how I am condemned to hell because I have another belief. I don't like that at all.

But Chronicles of Narnia is really not that bad, it's quite obvious from the start that Aslan is God, or something like God, the way he sang and Narnia was created; in the movie where he rose from death; where he told the children that they were brought to Narnia to know more about the Aslan in our world; then in the last book where all the children were brought to heaven, with the exception of Susan who lost herself in the material world.

Aslan is the kinda God that I like, he may work in mysterious ways, but his work is explained in the end. You may not see the whole picture but the parts that are relevant to you are shown to you. And he believes in payback, if you did someone wrong, you would have to pay back.

I admit I don't know enough about Christianity, and I'm not that interested to really know about it. It's something that someone believes in, that's it, I like to mind my own business. Maybe that's why things can never work out between me and him.. Hmm..
Back to the book, overall I really like it. I love reading children's books after a while, they are so refreshing and makes me feel like a child again :)

Sometimes I really want to go back to the days when I was a child, what are troubles when you have an ice-cream in hand? or a candy bar? or comics? or chocolate bar? Life should be simple, not complicated as it is now..

I could really do with a tub of Ben and Jerry's Mint with Chocolate Chunks right now.. or Phish Food..

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