Saturday, December 31, 2005

Never wear heels when you're going out shopping

My feet are killing me now.. :( that's the price to pay when you're hiao and want to wear heels out :p

But still it's been ages since I went shopping proper, so I guess the pain is worth it. And hiao mah, what to do, pay the price lor..

Went to Neptune Court for tim sum!! I think this is one of the best tim sum place in Singapore.. very very good and the standard have not dropped at all since I've been there when I was tiny :p

neptune court spread
The tim sum is served on carts where they push to your table, old school :) that's the way I like tim sum served :)

neptune court And here's my favourite!! my mostest favourite!! Egg Tarts!! Though it's not as nice as the ones that they serve at 天外天 but then since that place already closed down, no choice lot.. and this was really pretty good also. I like the egg part :)

They have this dessert thing, made from mango juice, sago and pomelo :) very nice, though not as nice as the one from 李白, but it have ice cream, so it's different.

Neptune Court is really a good place to have Tim Sum and hold dinner. In fact they have a dinner tonite, about 100 plus tables :p their dinner is not cheap, about 1k per table. And they have the first topless show in Singapore wor! Way before we had Crazy Horse we already have the carabet show over at Neptune Court, but then till now I still have not have the chance to catch the show :p

After lunch is shopping!! We went over to Taka and I got this super duper cute pair of slippers :)
cute slippers
So so cute hor!!
And the name is darn cute, it's called Loverobots :) so cute! hee.. and it's quite cheap, only 11.90, it's a steal :)

After that Xiaomei, Xinjie and I went crazy over the stuff at Sanrio :p The things are so damn cute!! especially baby cinnamon stuff!! Me and Xinjie went gaga over all the stuff! But they are so darn expensive :p

Still I 忍不住 and got its sticker :p only 5 bucks, so it's not that bad. And got this Snoopy angpao thingy with bells.. haha.. I'm a sucker for cute stuff, especially Snoopy stuff.. cute!!!

Other than cute Sanrio stuff, also have cute mei mei!! see, my mei and her friend are so cute :p I also want bangs!!

It's a good day, though Orchard is crowded like ****, still very good to shop coz there's a lot of post Xmas sale going on.. Saw a couple of tees that I like but then it's out of size, sianz leh.. Shall go hunt for the tee next week :p


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