Thursday, January 19, 2006

Damn I Miss Riding!

Just the other day when I was on my way to Bugis to meet Ah Dear.. I saw the most drop dead gorgeous bike..

It's a light blue Hayabusa..

This is the actual colour of the bike I saw, I dunno if the image can come out, but that's the only pic I can find with the right colour..

It's light blue.. which is like super super nice.. and rare, coz in the first place, there's aren't too many Hayabusas running on the roads, then majority are the standard blue and white or the gold ones. It's the first time I saw it in light blue and silver and it's so damn nice!!

Plus it helps that the rider is pretty good looking.. haha.. ok, that's an unfair statement coz I can't really see how he looks like. He was wearing proper riding boots (1 point), proper jeans (another point), a leather riding jacket (3 points), and a proper full face (2 points), that scored him a total of 7 points. Then 3 bonus points for getting everything right, he gets a perfect score!!! Can I give him another point for noticing that I was staring at him?? haha.. that's a total of 11 out of 10!! So I concluded he must be pretty good looking, or at least his bike is :P

I love bikes, not the small ones that makes so much noise, but the big ones with the deep rumbling.. oo.. they get my juices flowing.. adrenaline coursing through my veins..

I think there's something very primal about bikes and their rumbling engines.. something that evokes this part of man.. I love the feeling of wind on me (not really wind in the hair coz helmet is on all the time), I like the adrenaline rush when the bike goes faster and faster, I love the weaving through traffic like it's nobody's business. Most of all, I love the feeling of being protected when I'm on the bike.

The first few are easy to explain, the last one is something that cannot be explained. Only a girl who had a boyfriend who rides can explain the feeling. But then again, it might be just me :p

I was so mesmerized by the light blue Hayabusa that I purposely waited to cross the other junction even though I did not have to.. Just to have a longer look at the bike.. I think the rider did noticed me, coz he was looking over when he rode off.. hee.. It is nice looking mah.. I can't help staring..

I really miss riding.. it's been more than a year since I've last sat on a bike :( It's so long already, I think I'm starting to forget how it feels like already.. and what I should or should not do :( haiz.. one can never get everything one wants..

Anyone can give me a ride??


b.muse said...

"Most of all, I love the feeling of being protected when I'm on the bike."

Nope it's not just you. :p

I SO noe what u mean. Sigh.

Jayce said...

*hugz* At least we both know.. understand..

Maybe it's time to convince Xuan to learn to ride? Then we can go aust and ask her to ride us about.. and savour that feeling again?