Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Goodbye to my 2005

I'm slow once again.. what's new.. I'm still stuck in 2005 mood till I realise that the December calendar I have on my desk is long out of date :p

*20 minutes later* yeah!! just printed this super cute January calender out :) who says you can't do anything with Photoshop :p though it's not as nice, but I love my Paint, the simpliest software to use :)

Ok, my 2005.. what have I done exactly??

First was my very first New Year's day unattached for a long long time.. It's weird to be single all of a sudden, all the times you were celebrating with someone and suddenly you're all alone.. I don't like that feeling.

But I had an interesting countdown :) thanks to Xianhe, I sat in a sports car for the very first time!! A blue Z4 leh!! Wohoo!! I still get a rush when I remember how the babe of a car sounded when he dropped gear and accelerated to overtake another car.. shiok!! Too bad the guy and I cannot click.. argh.. no more Z4 :( oh well, at least I had a ride in it :p

I like this guy's style of driving.. aggressive.. I like.. hahaha.. I'm used to fast and furious riding and driving liao, that's why I can't really stand my brother's driving.. too slow liao!! But note it's aggressive, not reckless, there's a world of difference between the two.

Also had a chance to sit in a Madza 3 :) not bad not bad, very comfy and it's red in color ( i think), I like :) This time round the driver is nicer to talk to, but a more moderate driver.

The weird thing about these two is that they don't like to switch on the radio when they drive. I told XH about it later and then she said that maybe they think it's polite not to switch on the radio. Huh? Why? It's so akward when we don't talk and there's only silence, other than the engine sounds. Which is not that bad now I think of it, I love the rumble of the Z4 engine :p I'm nuts about fast and stylo machines :)

Anyway must thank XH for going out of her way to help me pick myself up at that point of time, Thanks Girl!!
Soon came the Hari Raya holidays and I went out with Jason, who I had not met in ages. We had fun, caught a show, makan some stuff, talk, sat and rot at bk, then caught another show and fell in love. Funny how things just click when two person meet at the right time. I had a crush on him once way back, but he chose someone else and I went on having other crushes :p Then after so long, we met and fell for each other, funny how things work out.

It's almost a year since we've been together. There were a couple of downs in our relationship, but most times it's up, up and up ^^ I'm happy ^^ He's happy ^^ We're happy ^^
Soon I quit my job at HSBC, hated the place. So I moved on and took a 3 months break :p I think that's one of the best times I've ever had since I graduate. It's total freedom to do whatever I want without any financial woes, at least for the first 2 months. I did not start looking for a new job till the 3rd month and soon I found my current job over at Citibank.

It's totally different from whatever I had done in the past, I've always been in operations and now I'm in training, which is a totally different field. It's much more interesting as it's not the same routine work day in and day out, I got to learn a lot of new things and even got to travel. Though the Bangkok trip was kinda traumatic, but things worked out in the end and I learnt a lot of things. Soon I'm flying off to Manila for another business trip. *note to self: must remember to add all these into resume*

I love my department coz it's not too big, so there is not much politics, whatever we feel, we can just speak out. My direct boss is this perfectionist lady, so it's kinda hell to work for her at times, but at most other times she's great. And the most important thing is that she trust us to know what we are doing and do not interfere too much.
Time went by real quick when you're working.. nothing much happened really. At least nothing much interesting that I can remember.. hmmm

yah, I've started this blog.. out of boredom and as a place for me to crap :p I always like to write, used to pass little notes and letters to Xuan and Jun and the rest, now upgraded to using the net :p Someone once commented that my blog is too long, too longwinded. Well to me, I don't like short posts that leaves people hanging halfway. If I wanna write something, I would try to research and do a proper job, that's my style. If being thorough is longwinded to some people, so be it. I like it and that's my problem.

The other thing that stands out in my mind is the hit and run Ah Dear and I witness last month. That was the scariest thing I've ever saw, I remember shaking more than an hour later. Oh yah, the police had confirm with us that it's a definite hit and run, and the victim is ok already, he survived with a broken arm only. That's so darn heng of him.
In 2005, I've changed phones twice, from S700 to my V802SE to my lovely 903SH :) Next change? Think will be quite some time in the future coz nothing can match up to my 903 as yet, will probably have to wait for 904 :p 5 or more mega pixels? GPS? oo.. I can't wait p(^^)q

Other than the new phones is our new Vios :) It's a very pretty blue and Ah Dear works very hard to keep it clean and shiny! Thank you Ah Dear!!
Xmas came and went. New Year came and went too. Not much celebrations coz I was really too lazy to go out into the crowds, so spent it at home with Ah Dear.. And I got a very lovely 11th month cum Xmas cum Ah Dear's first pay present :) And that is the lovely ring I have on my finger right now :) It's really very pretty, trilogy style (^^) Must take a picture of it real soon.
Welcoming in 2006, I did my usual and slept till afternoon :) I think that's a good start to the year.. hee.. I don't have any new year resolutions, never really had them. And even when I had them, I can never remember them after a while, not to mention keep them. So I don't really bother about making any.

I just wish that everything will go smoothly in 2006 and I need more breaks!!!

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