Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Backstreet Boys vs The Naked Chef (part 1)

My oh mine.. When did the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver joined the Backstreet Boys?!?

And believe it or not, it's only 11pm and I got the time to slowly crawl from the indoors stadium to kallang mac and login to their free wifi... gosh.. what the heck?! The concert was supposed to start at 8 but they were late as usual. No biggie, more or less expected. What I did not expect is that the concert ended at 10.15pm!! What the ****!!! A concert that's less than 2 hours? The show started at about 830 and ended in 1 hour and 45 minute's time!! Oh my gosh, I've never seen a shorter concert before. Even the free concerts that I've watched is longer than this concert.

Utterly disappointed.. ..

So when did Jamie Olive joined BSB??

Yes, this was the person we saw..

(Think the photo will either take a long time to load or not load at all.. oh well.. But Nick was fatter than the Jamie above... serious)
Look at him.. For a moment Ah Dear and I really thought that Jamie Oliver had joined BSB. What happened?? I thought he had already gotten over his fat phase.. what happened again? Tour too stressful?

The concert is just bad. The stage is badly done up, you can see the wires all over the place and it have the look that it was just finished a few hours ago by people who can't be bothered with doing it up properly. It's those very bare and super low budget kinda stage. Disappointing.

Then when the boys came out.. haiz.. So cheesy.. Which is ok, since that was the boyband style. But then no sparks, no proper spotlight, they just walked down from the stairs. It was really bad, they don't seem to have rehearse properly, resulting in only 3 guys being in the spotlight and the other two in darkness for like the first 30 sec.

The other thing that really disappointed me was the clothes they wore!! With the exception of Brian, the rest were in jeans and tee only. At least Brian had the decency to wear a jacket over. What? Am I watching a free concert here? Jeans and tee? No nice suits? No proper costumes? What a shame.. I was really expecting more, after seeing endless videos of their past concerts, I really expected more from them.

See, they used to have proper costumes. But now..

The worst is yet to come.. They never changed throughout the whole show. At first we thought they went to backstage to change.. but but.. they came out wearing the exact same clothes! Then why they went to the backstage for?! (Ah Dear:: Coz they need to catch their breathe , too old liao, no more stamina like 10 years ago)

(to be continued.. Daddy coming to fetch us back home liao ^^)

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