Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Backstreet Boys vs The Naked Chef (part 2)

Ok, I left off on the costumes.. I think this is really a low budget production, with no costume change, no stage effects, not even a proper stage!

Overall this concert feels like those unplugged concerts I see on MTV, but the thing is, it's too big a concert to be unplugged, plus the boys are really not up to the standard of being unplugged. Jialat leh.

Every concert will have short intervals for the singers to go to the backstage to change and take a short break. Normally when these intervals happen, there will be special guests that stands in for the singer. In Jay's concert, there was a part where a DJ came on and filled in the time. The reason why special guests are needed is to keep the atmosphere charged, to keep everyone excited. Sadly this was not done in the BSB concert.

When the intervals came, all the organizers did was play some BSB old videos. That was it, nothing more. Immediately everyone's mood was like *plunge* one moment everyone is high from seeing their idols, the next is some mtv which we could see on tv.. Duh. I have no idea what the organizers were thinking. And it did not happen only once, it happened like 3~4 times. So each time the mood went down down down, such a mood-killer. And I don't see why they need these intervals since the concert was so short and they did not change their clothes at all. Is it so tiring to sing for 2 hours?

Then we come to the singing part.. haiz.. Brian was good, his voice was as good as before. Kevin and AJ was good too. Nick was.. .. haiz.. I'm really very disappointed. I dunno if it had got to do with his weight gain, but then his voice had changed a lot. The voice quality was different and he could not reach many of the high notes, at many times he came out flat and sometimes he even cracked!! Then there was some problems with his mike so sometimes I can't hear him sing at all.

I'm really very sad, I LOVED Nick and now he's like the biggest disappointment of the group. He did not control his weight, he can't sing anymore, and his dance steps..

The dance moves that the group had were all the original moves that they did back in the old days, but when I saw the moves yesterday, it's just so cheesy! If they were in suit and proper costumes, the moves will not look cheesy, but in torn jeans and tee.. urg.. cannot make it lor. They look like this cheap band trying to imitate the Backstreet Boys, just like the spoof video.

The ending was bad too, it was so abrupt that I did not realize that the concert was over already. For the first time, I've watched a concert where there was no encore. When the boys bowed and left, the lights came on and everyone just started to leave. No one shouted encore at all. This is really sad.

It's my first and final time seeing the boys, there's no way I'll pay for anymore of their work. I'm really very disappointed in the whole show. Only one phrase to describe it all, low cost, lousy production.

Still all is not lost. I may be disappointed with the performance, I still love their songs. No matter how badly they did the songs, the songs are still good. And the songs hit me at a deeper level, they remind me of the days where I was young and had dreams.

I remember listening to their songs and thinking that they are the very best in the whole wide world. Listening to their songs and having my heart broken. Listening to their songs and thinking there will be no tomorrow.

The band had lost its magic but the song will always have their magic for me.

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