Thursday, January 26, 2006

World Trade Centre

I have no idea why but that place just suddenly popped up in my mind. I really miss the old World Trade Centre, it has a character which Expo is lacking.

This was how it looked like in the past.. very typical of the buildings built back in those days.

I loved going to World Trade Centre when I was young, coz that meant that we were going to Sentosa! Which was one of my favourite spots back then :) The wax muesum, butterfly park and my fav underwater world ^^

Even when I got older, WTC still have its magic. We would go there for exhibitions and in the evenings, just sit by the seaside and enjoy the breeze whilst looking at the lights of Sentosa :) That was something we really enjoyed before WTC went under transformation and became Harborfront.

I really loved to just sit by the sea then, it's just so peaceful.. And the company was great, so what else can I say? I miss that place so so much. Harborfront is no competition, to me, the place is too built up, too sterile to be compared to the old WTC. WTC had character built up over the years, Harborfront tried to have character built into it, which it sorely failed.

I miss the old World Trade Centre.. I miss the walks.. I miss the old Mac facing Sentosa.. I miss the old days..

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