Friday, December 30, 2005

A day of Adventure at Safra Yishun

The girls of T&D
The four pretty ladies of Regional T&D :)

The pretty lady next to me, the one with the blue jacket is my manager.. It's for her that we went through all the pain and heartaches :p She's a real amazing person, smart and pretty and assertive. It's really very sad to see her gone.. I really hope she will do well back in Taiwan :)

This is the Canopy Adventure Walk over at Safra Yishun.. It's 18m above ground, up in the trees, so it's kinda freaky when you look down. But I'm proud to say that I've finished the whole course. Yes I did!! So proud of myself!! I hate doing all these stuff, I'm a thru and thru indoors person, but I did it, I went through the course with only a slight rope burn. I got that coz I was too scared to let go and dragged my hands on the rope :p
Look at my poor finger.. Now more or less healed liao, just that got a bit of scar :( And rope burns are horrible, they hurt like nobody's business..

Safra over at Yishun is really not bad, the rates are pretty cheap and there's all sorts of facilities, like the canopy walk, the simulated parachute jump, the rock climbing walls, indoors shooting range and the pool.

Just went to the pool the other day, it's pretty good, coz not too crowded even though it's the school holidays. Plus it have this slide which is real fun.. hee.. and there's hot water shower!! I love a hot water shower after a swim :)

And and.. Ah dear is gonna turn puffer again :p but then there was this group of guys training in the pool when I went over.. not bad wor.. some quite cute and a few have pretty good figures.. hee.. only thing is that they're too dark for my taste, I prefer guys that are fair :) That's my cup of tea :)

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