Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's gonna be a fun but challenging day!

I'm mentally prepared to face challenges, not that I have much of a choice, so might as well be mentally prepared for them.

One of my managers is gonna leave, so we're doing a farewell party for her, that includes a physical challenge, a cultural experience and a culinary challenge. All three activities are supposed to be for her to experience alone, but as things goes, the rest of us will surely be dragged into them, especially when me, coz I'm the organizer. Damn.. Plus she already said very clearly to my big boss that he will not be able to protect us and we will have to go through everything with her.

So the first challenge is physical, and we're going over to Yishun Safra (I have 10 more minutes to leave the office) to do the Canopy Challenge Walk and the Simulated Parachute Jump. I don't like heights, but these activities needs 4 pple to do it together, so *mentally prepared* liao. It's not that bad bah, compared to what's to come later.

Then it's the cultural experience, we arranged for dance lessons for her. It's a one hour course on striptease cardio, the new thing in town. It seems interesting, though the only thing you strip is your jacket, but still it's gonna be fun :p

The last thing is the one I dread most, damn it, why do I have to be so evil and get all those stuff for her? We went over to Golden Mile yesterday (a trip worth a post on its own.. it's bad.. very bad) and we brought fried meal worms and crickets. Later today, we'll go back to buy waterboatman and scorpions. My gosh.. I'll have to eat them too.. argh.. help!! *shudders*

I hope everything goes well.. gonna go Safra first, shall take alot of pics and post later :p

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