Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mood Swings

I was having one of my mood swings yesterday.. It just hit me all of a sudden and it's my bad that I sunk into it, instead of trying to climb out of it.

That's the thing I hate about humans in general, majority of us are led by our feelings, our feelings towards the people around us, the things around us. I don't like that as feelings change, every single moment, without warning.

That's why I love robots, I love robot stories. I'm referring to robot stories by Asimov of course. Robots which have the ability to think, but have no room for feelings; robots who act in accordance to the Three Laws; robots who are rational all the time.

I like rationality. I like regularity. It makes life boring, everything seem to be set in stone, but I like it this way, coz this way, I have control over my life. I can control the direction I want things to move in. I have the say of how I want things to be done and they will be done the way I want them to as long as it's in accordance to the rules set down by the general public.

To me that's life in an utopia. Humans are dictators of their own lives. Humans can live in any way they like without having to care about other people, coz they too don't care about you. Everyone lives apart, having only rational robots for companionship.

It sounds scary to a lot of people, but I've always been sorta a loner. I like to be alone, most of the time. I think robot would be a good enough companion for me. Else just give me a dog. I love doggies. Oh yah, did I mention that I've been labelled as anti-social and having an attitude problem. I don't like to be too friendly, I prefer to mind my own business.

Feelings.. I don't like that coz feelings make people irrational.. All of a sudden the most rational person in the world becomes irrational. They think of foolish thoughts and do things that they normally will never do. All those for this thing we call feeling. Is it really worth all the damage caused?

Feelings.. they change without notice at all. Everything can seem fine the previous moment, then the next everything changes. Without warning. Or prehaps there had been warning signs blinking all along, it's just that we choose to ignore them, believing in the strength of our feelings.

What strength does our feelings have? If it's not fickle, then it's not real feelings. It's just a controlled emotion.

I hate being affected by things that I have no control over. Like yesterday's mood swing.. Wham.. Bang.. suddenly I don't have the mood to talk at all.

Prehaps it's the place we were in.. The air is not good? The place is just .. .. .. too familiar.. .. ..

I wish I can be heartless at times.. No heart = No feelings


Anonymous said...

feelings make people irrational. *thumbsup*
oh and having been to your place a number of times in the past i think i know what you mean by those people. hahaha.

Jayce said...

haha.. i guess it's not hard to guess.. but have to be sensitive these days mah..

feelings.. irrationality.. life.. *haiz*