Thursday, November 03, 2005

I got the world's dumbest computer

And I hate hate hate it. Can't fucking do what it's supposed to do. Stupid language bar cannot fucking appear when it's supposed to and even when it appears, it fucking does not work. Than what the fuck are you appearing for??!?!?

Damn pissed.. damn damn damn pissed..

stupid computer.
It's a bad day today.. so many things happened and now this fucking computer would not fucking work properly!! damn computer!!

So freaking tired now.. Have to go off to sleep soon..

So many things to finish up and I have only 2 more days to go before flying off to Bangkok.. I don't wanna go to Bangkok, everything is so rushed and messed up now.

Let's see what happened.. This whole event is planned by an Indian colleague of me, who was SUPPOSED to be very good at event planning.. ba.. rubbish.. she cannot even do her basic budgeting. We have themed dinners every night and that is a big cost, guess what, she NEVER BUDGETTED these dinners in at all, including the final gala dinner. None is counted in, so budget went bust and we had to cut cost in all other areas.

Next hotel is currently fully booked and we need 8 more rooms. What the fuck?! she never bothered to confirm the number of rooms that we need? what fucking kinda planner is that?? I wonder what we are supposed to do now, sleep in the lobby?? That will be interesting.

Gala night is an awards night, and guess what, she had not done up the awards, not booked, not ordered, not made. What kind of rubbish is that?? Lucky the vendor have some relationship with us and is willing to rush out the awards for us, else we sure die. Imagine an awards night without the awards.

Fucked up planner. And most of the time when we need to ask her questions, she gives half fucked answers which is of no relevance to us.

This Bangkok trip is going to be a diaster. I'm sure of that. Now it's just a matter of how bad it is going to be.
Ever met those people who falls asleep on buses and their head falls all over the place? Hate them? You bet.. irritating people.. Can't they just sleep in one direction? Can't they just use their hands to hold on to their falling heads?!

It's irritating to see them falling all over the place, it's even more irritating when they sit right next to you. I remember this once where I had to constantly push this girl away from my shoulders. And she does not get the hint!!

The stupid people around us..
I don't like my area.. it's not safe to go back home alone at night, dressed up.. I was dressed up today, sorta tube dress.. so there's no way I'm going to go back home on the bus. With all those people around, no way. I am worried for myself coz there's no one else to worry for me.

And I'm wearing a tube dress.. can you imagine riding in a bus, for an hour, freezing? I don't have a jacket with me, or anything that I can cover my shoulders with. I was already freezing in the shopping centre, I can't imagine how I will do in a bus.

Actually I should take the bus, let the air con freeze me for an hour and maybe I can catch pneumonia and not go to Bangkok.. yah.. maybe that's why I don't have a jacket with me.. hmmm..

Plus I hate taking a bus without music or books.. That's a habit, that's why you can hardly catch me outside without a book.
Bad day.. fucked up day.

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