Monday, October 31, 2005

Lost and Found and Returned

I wanna blog this in mandarin, but my connection went haywire last nite and I could not log into Blogger.. so it's blogging in english in the office again :p

People lose things everyday, from small insignificant stuff, to things that are dear and important. Out of all these things that had been lost, how many are found and returned? Hardly I guess.. More importantly, how many of the dear and important things are being returned?? Even lesser is my guess.

Most of the time when something is lost, we just moan and complain about our luck, then go on to get a replacement. Sometimes the things we had lost cannot be replaced, so we'll just moan and complain about our luck, then move on to other things.

When the objects are of no significant value, we just go ahead and get a replacement; when the objects are of significant value, either monetary or sentimental, we will search and search and search for it. Sometimes we manage to find them, sometimes the things lost are forever gone..
A few weeks back, my dad lost the car license plate. Yes it's a funny thing, how the heck do one lose a car license plate? And note, it's lost, not stolen.

Remember the heavy heavy rain a few weeks back? That particular day when my dad lost the license plate, it wasn't raining, it was POURING, and a lot of roads were flooded. The weather was really terrible that day.

My dad was on somewhere near my mei's secondary school when he reached this part of the road which was flooded. Having no choice but to go straight on, he drove through the water, and without knowing, his license plate got washed away. Don't ask me how that happened, that was what they told me.

By the time they found out about it, it was too late to go back and search for it. He can't drive around without a license plate, so had to go ahead and get a new one. It was not too ex, I think it was less than 20 bucks.

Just yesterday, my dad sent my dajie to her friend's place. Somehow he made a wrong turn whilst on his way back home, so he jiang cuo jiu cuo and went to Ayer Rajah Market to get some groceries. After shopping for the groceries, he went back to the car.. and.. .. ..

*Surprise Surprise* someone left our old license plate on the car windscreen!!

Now that's surprising.. coz how the heck did the person manage to locate my dad's car? Why did he bother to return it to my dad? And even if he just saw my dad's car by chance, how the heck did he remember that he have our license plate? and why does he have the license plate with him then?

So many questions but all I can say is Thank You Whoever You Are!!! Now we have a spare license plate :Þ

Everything that happened is all so coincidental and really pretty funny :Þ I picked up a license plate sometime back also, but I never got around returning it to the owner, coz I've never seen that car around and the license plate was quite damaged anyway.

The interesting things of that license plate I picked up is, first, it was a new car, barely out of the warehouse. Coz there's a sticker with the date of manufacture on the license plate. Then the other thing is the license plate number, it's 461. That's the same number as Darren's old Super4. And if you flip that number around, it's 164, which sounds like die all the way in mandarin. And seriously this number is not auspicious, first it's this brand new car crashing.. Judging from the damage on the license plate, it's a pretty bad crash. Then Darren had a few minor accidents and a serious accident on this bike. The subsequent owner had to sell the bike back to the shop after maybe a month coz of another serious accident.

So that's how unlucky the number is.. Or maybe it's just coincidence.. But when it's your life you're talking about, it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm glad Darren sold that bike. Actually his riding kinda worries me. He's pretty reckless when it comes to riding, the first time when I got on his bike, I was really scared shit. Later on I got used to it and things also got better after he knew how freaked out I was the first time round.

So Darren, if you're reading this or whoever can pass you the message, please please please take some time and money and go Pasir Gudang ok. Go burn off all that extra energy can? Remember something, it's stupid to die on the roads. If you really want to crash and burn, do it on the tracks, at least it proves that you went to the tracks. Dying on the roads prove nothing but how stupid you are. You get me? Don't be like Joe and lose his road license. I can't stand his "which racer still have his road license?" Duh.. true racers will only die on the tracks and not the roads. There are fucking amateurs on the roads, you expect them to know that you can cut in front of them and not cause an accident? They will just jam brake and cause an accident behind you.

So please do whatever you can, just be careful on the roads.

My my, I went off topic like so long ago..

Back to things lost, things found and things returned.

My dad was really very lucky to have lost and recovered. But there are many things in life that can be lost and never recovered. Straight off my head, virginity. Let's not talk about artificle hymen here, what's lost is lost, that's just a fake and always will be a fake. Second thing, youth. No amount of comestics can help you regain your youth.

So what's my point? All of us have to learn to cherish what we have right now. Things that are in our hands at the moment may not be there the next moment. Once lost, you may never ever get it back again, so do learn to cherish what you have now.


Anonymous said...

hello cindy's sister! interesting story on losing license plates. and true. we should always treasure what we have. haha. great post and i love the post below this as well.

Jayce said...

Sherrie, everything was real.. life is so funny right :Þ

that post was my true feelings about those people