Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm procrasinating

I have like tons and tons of work to finish and follow up so that I can leave with a peace of mind on Sunday but I dunno where to start..

There's so much to do that I really don't know which one I should start working on first. All the things are important, all of them are high priority.

I have a very strong feeling that the whole event will be fucked up, right from the start.

It's a horrible friday.. a very bad start already.

I got caught in a rain, stuck in a problematic train, waited to board another train for over 15 minutes, arrived at work an hour late, have tons of email waiting for me.. And my boss have to keep telling me to do this and that. On top of that, my tummy have to protest and give me pains.. I hate being on the train whilst my stomach is churning..

Fuck lah, if you really want all those things done, go do them yourself. I have alot of work on hand, I don't have the time to entertain you!!

Damn pissed with her.. damn pissed with a lot of things.

ESPECIALLY THAT FUCKING INDIAN COLLEAGUE OF MINE!! What kinda event manager is she?? Don't even have the decency to inform us that she's not coming to work today?! And most of us are leaving on Sunday, there's alot of things we need to follow up TODAY!! And she fucking just don't come to work!!

So so so angry and pissed.. My language is getting from bad to worse.. fuck care.. I like to use colourful language and that's my fucking problem.

I can't think straight right now.. Can't sleep last nite.. Don't think I can sleep for the next few days till I come back from Bangkok..

Why haven anyone contracted bird flu in Bangkok?? And best if the person died, then this whole trip will definitely be postponed. Coz there's no way I will be going there with such high risks..

Damn it.. everything is like.. I don't even know how to put it in words..

It doesn't rain but it pours.. Why do things always have to happen all at one go? Why do so many things have to happen all at the same time?

I just want my simple life back, no worries, no stress. I hate working.. working demeans life.

Who cares about a drop of water in the ocean?
Who cares about me in a sea of millions?
Who cares? Who bothers?
Why should they bother anyway?
Life goes on no matter what,
till the day where all the suns die..
Then nothing will be left and finally there will be PEACE.


b.muse said...

Jia you! *hugs* this is the final lap.. Will be over before u know it, and remember: that which does not kill u onli makes u stronger! Hee. :p

And as for those irritating, incompetent buggers, dun waste your blood pressure over them ya. =)

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Eh, don't curse the people in Bangkok to die mah LOL

Aiyah, heck care about the irresponsible pple lah. Just do your best for your own part can already :D

Jayce said...

jun:: I'm fine, great news, that &%(* got kicked off already, she's still with us, but she will not be the program manager anymore!! yeah!! Incompetent shit!

xt:; I was just kidding, the people in Thailand are really nice and friendly :)