Monday, October 10, 2005

So little time so much to do..

I rather spend my days with you.. So little time so much to do.. I'd like to spend one day with you.. And if that day is not enough, maybe we can stay in touch.. But I'm not making plans for tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes.. -->Arkana

Another day, another week.. It's going to be busy busy all the way to my Bangkok conference in Nov. In a way I'm glad my dept is having this conference in Bangkok now, so I don't have to organize an offsite in Vietnam in the later part of Nov. I haven even organised an event in Singapore on my own before, I can't imagine what it would be like to organise my first event in Vietnam, with a measly budget of 20k somemore.

Sometimes I hate my job, have a very nice job title as Assistant Project Manager, actually I'm just a bao ka liao, just do all the shit work. Damn sianz.. Came back last sat to clear my mails, going to come back again this weekend to update some stuff.. argh.. alot of things to do and there's no clear guidelines on how to do them.

More complains.. Sometimes I dunno what's wrong with my boss.. For the conference, we're gonna have this booth exhibition.. Ok, that's fun, but the stupid thing is, almost all the people attending the conference is in charge of the booth, so basically only 3 people, plus maybe one more guy will be looking at the booths. Duh!! that is the silliest thing I've ever heard. Spend all the time and effort to do up booth for just 3 people?! So what if they are the business heads of the region? It's not as if they are the people who will be involved in the training.. what the fuck are they thinking?!

Then me and 6 more people are in charge of this particular booth. There's this lady from Indonesia that's in charge and she was very enthu about it, then good, let her do the leading and do the work. But my boss have to happily involved herself, colunteering to do this and that. What made me most pissed off last week is during a conference call, my boss actually said that the lady from Indonesia have a lot of things on hand to do and she should pass the work to me?! Duh!! Basically I'm like running the whole booth on my own lor.. since my boss's work will eventually end up done by me. There are 7 people in the team, the Indonesian lady have an assistant and a vendor to help her, let her settle the things mah, I have other things to do lor. It's not as if I'm very free. Damn it.

Damn angry at her at times, but then she will always end the day with a "well done", then I just can't stay angry at her.. argh.. darn it.

Dun really feel like myself today. Monday blues? Nah, just plain sick and tired of working.

I hate working, life should be about enjoying oneself, not suffering in the rat race for a meal.


b.muse said...

*HUGS* Poor thing u.. Can relate to ya complaints too, esp about how frustrating it is when things are unclear! :p Hang in there, it'll be over before u noe it. Trust mi, been thru it b4! Take care babe.. =)

Jayce said...

Will jiayou jiayou!!

Thank you girl :)