Tuesday, October 11, 2005

*Pampered* ^v^

Hee.. just took a super long lunch and went for my manicure. It's starting to become a habit, going to pamper my nails once every month. I think I haven cut my nails on my own since August. Whenever my nails grow too long and I need to get them shorten, I'll pop by my manicurist to get them done :p Oh, did I mention my Ah Dear brought me a manicure package :Þ that's why I can afford to get my nails done up every month :)

The nail place that I go to is called Nail Addiction. It's over at Suntec, just outside Carrefore. The pricing is pretty ok, $22 for manicure, $5 more for french manicure, $12 bucks more for a nail mask. So the standard amount I spent each time is 39 bucks :p well worth the money coz the nail mask can make the manicure last for at least 2 weeks and even more. I've tried it once without the nail mask and it lasts for only a week or so.

I'm thinking of getting their nail products but they are kinda ex, and there's this new nail place coming up at Suntec, Diva something. The place looks interesting, have to check it out once it's open :p

On the topic of being pampered, I think I'm being pampered to the point of being spoilt. How so? My Ah Dear pampers me like there's no tomorrow, he buys this and that for me, he even brought me the manicure package coz he knows how much I love my nails and wants me to have pretty nails all the time :p I can say wo heng xing fu :p Thank you Ah Dear.

And on top of that, whenever I go for a manicure session, he would come along with me, leave me with the manicurist, and wait for me for at least an hour for my nails to be done. He will be waiting for me when he can easily go back home and rest. That silly boy.

My Ah Dear really dotes on me a lot, so I do feel bad at times, feel like I'm taking him for granted. I'm not ok, I know all the little things that you do for me dear. I do notice, just that sometimes never say it out loud.

Every girl just wants someone to dote on them, make them feel loved and pampered. But that someone can easily be yourself. You don't need someone else to pamper you, you don't need someone to make you feel loved and pampered. Of course it's nice to have someone else do that, but if there's no one right, there's always yourself.

You are the best person to love, dote and pamper yourself. Coz you alone understand yourself the most and knows what you like and need best.

Being alone does not mean that you are lonely, it just means that you are happy spending time with yourself.


b.muse said...

As usual, can see your point exactly! Who better to spoil yourself than yours truly who knows u best right? =)

Tat said, jus a tot: Sometimes it's really nice to pamper people u love too. ;)

Jayce said...

Of course, we're the geminis mah :p great minds think alike.. hee..

Yepz, it's always good to give and take :Þ