Monday, October 10, 2005

{*{ 文 静 梁 柱 }*}

A silent pillar..

Ok, I know that's not a good translation.. But ladi ladi la..

In everyone's life there will always be this one person, who will stand behind you no matter what you do, support your every decision and just be by your side when you need him around.

It's always one person, but it might not be the same person.

It's a sad and true fact that people change, people change coz of the environment, people change coz of the other people they hang out with, and people change coz they just had to change, but for no reason at all..

Change is part and parcel of our lives, change change change, if we don't change, we will just become outdated, left behind.

But silent pillars, I'm lucky to have someone by my side all the time, through my ups and downs.. I thank all those who had been supporting me all these while. I'm not an easy person to live with, thank you for bearing with all my little quirks.

These people leave a special mark in my life.. without them, I dunno where I will be today.

Thank you everyone, for standing silently by me all these time.

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