Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No One is Surprised

Seriously no one seem to be now that I really think of it. Even if it's a surprise, it's a pleasant surprise, I wonder why..

Lost? hee.. I meant Me and Ah Dear and us and 我们 and we and nous and wir and noi and 私達 and 우리들 and мы...

I can't remember why this topic was brought up (not surprising huh? I think I'm influenced by my goldfish) and Ah Dear was telling me none of our mutual friends were surprised that we were together. In fact, Jinlong thought that we were together like waaaay back. Really, no one was surprised.

Ah Dear and I met back in year 2000, when we were working as temps in Starhub. I had a crush on him initially but I quickly moved on when he got a gf. Crushes to me were like clothes then, you can't stick to one and that's it. Crush mah, it's just something fun to do. And I think I was dating Alan then, or was that later? *can't remember*

Even though my crush did not amount to anything, we became very good friends and remained in contact even after 5 years. Ok, gotta admit, he was the one putting in efforts to keep in touch. I was too busy with Darren most of the time then *oppz*

At many times, I was his relationship consultant. I seem to be in that role many times, with many various guy friends that I have. I think I must have a consultant look, so they will always call me when they have problems.. hee.. And my job now is considered a consultant in the books la, to me my job is just shit work.. haiz..

Actually I don't really know how to console people, my way is to just talk about myself, let them make fun of me and distract them. If they don't think about it, then it would not be a problem, for the time being at least.

Contact after Starhub were far and few, every now and then, like every 5~6 months, Ah Dear would just send me a message. Then both of us will get caught up in something and another 5~6 months will pass and he will suddenly remember me and send me a message. That's how we kept in contact.

That's why I was surprised when sparks flew that day we met. I was surprised that we actually got together. And I'm even more surprised now that no one is surprised.

Did it really seem like we were going to be together even back then??

Let's see who's on the "Not Surprised" list. Top on the list is Yingzhi, she's my good good friend who loves to bicker with Jason aka Doggy, when I do go out with Jason last time, she will always be there. She was only pleasantly surprised when she heard the news, saying that she knew long ago that we would be together.

Second is Jun and Xuan.. I don't think they were really surprised coz they felt that me and Ah Dear were close to begin with.

Third, Shane and Xiuzhu. Both were involved in some way with Ah Dear in the past. And according to him, they were also not surprised. Maybe coz they knew his taste? But I think the three of us are pretty different people.

Fourth, Moorthy and Jinlong. Jinlong, as I had mentioned earlier, thought we were together like a long time ago. And when Moorthy met me and Ah Dear at the busstop, he was not surprised to see us together.

That's a total of 7 people in the list already. I wonder what the rest of the Starhub people thinks.

One person to save the day, Lifen!! Ah Dear met her on the bus a few months back and I remember he told me she was shocked to hear that we are together!! yeah!! at least someone is as surprised as I am :p

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