Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I don't get it

I seriously don't get it. For a booth that no one will visit; for a booth that will be torn down in 3~4 hours, we are spending so much time and efforts on it.

I really don't get it.

Can't they see that it's a bloody waste of time and resources?? It is something that no one will appreciate, coz it's just another exhibition that we go to every other day.

Can't they get that in their head?

Almost everyone that will be going to the Conference is involved in the exhibition, so if everyone is as serious as my boss think they are, no one will have the time to walk about visiting various booths. Meaning there will only be my big boss, the Thai big boss and 3 business heads visiting the booths.

All the effort for 5 people.. worth it? So what if they are the heads, they probably see such exhibitions like everyday!! They pretend to be impressed but when they walk out, they can't remember shit of what they saw.

So is the efforts worth it? NO!!
But there's always good news, it's abit bad, but then.. Bird Flu is scaring the shit out of everyone right now, with a person dying in Indonesia yesterday. I'm bad but that's great news to me, coz Thailand is a relatively high risk area. If it's so bad now, we might have to postpone the conference!! yeah!! POSTPONE!! POSTPONE!!

The other scenario would be good too. The conference goes on as per normal, but as precautionary measures, we get to be quarantined at home for 10 days after we return!! During the SARS period, those that were affected by the quarantined get 70 bucks a day. So 10 days mean 700 bucks for just nuahing at home. Of course it will get boring, but with my serious lack of sleep and flu right now, I would definitely appreciate the 10 days of rest. And I can re-watch my Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa over and over, again and again.. hee

Oh yah, I'm down with flu right now, or is it a cold? I dunno, I can't remember how to differentiate them. And I'm running a fever, or are my hands cold?

I think I'm getting delirious.. hmm..

But I know one thing for sure, the exhibition booth is a lousy idea that serves no purpose other than giving us more unneccessary work.

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