Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Ah Bear

I got this bear from Muie as a present for myself sometime back in December last year. I was feelig pretty low at that point of time, so I got Ah Bear to cheer myself up. Yes, I uncreatively named it Ah Bear. Actually it was called 42 Bear initially, then somehow the 42 got lost (probably back to being the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything) and the "Ah" appeared.

I love my Ah Bear, it's soft, brown and cuddly :) and I hug it to sleep everynight unless Ah dear got jealous.. hee

I never really had the habit of hugging my dolls to sleep. I have tons of dolls on my bed but they are always there for decorative purposes, I never really hug them to sleep. But somehow Ah Bear is different, I dunno where and when I got the habit, but somehow it's stuck and I need to have Ah Bear in my arms to sleep at night.

Maybe coz he's just so soft and cuddly? Anyway it had already became a habit. I know, I'm like a kid, but I don't care, I like my Ah Bear and that's it.

Ah Dear tried all ways and means to get my attention away from Ah Bear, he got me Pooky and the newest Ah Chip :) Ah Chip is from Chip and Dale, he's really really cute and the fur is darn soft, only thing is that instead of the usual beans, they put styrofoam beans in it.

I like Ah Chip alot Ah dear, but it's just different from Ah Bear.. somehow when I sleep, Ah Bear will automatically come into my arms. I dunno why..

Ah Bear gives me a kind of warmth I guess, I just feel very comfortable when I have it in my arms. Maybe coz it was with me at that period of time when I most needed someone to be by my side. Maybe coz I have it for so long already.

Ah dear I really appreciate your efforts to try to make me happy, but really don't have to keep spending money to buy such dolls for me, have to start saving up oki.. got see my msn nick?

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