Monday, October 24, 2005

It had been a long long week

Before I get caught in another meeting again, I better blog to let out some steam..

Have I mentioned how much I hate meetings? hmm.. yeah I did, many many times.. But no matter how many times I've complaint about them, I can't avoid them.. haiz.. already had 2 meetings in the morning, going for another one soon and have one more at 5 later.

Meetings, meetings, meetings, when will they ever end??

Doesn't matter..
The incident last week had blown over.. I had my girly temper, blew it off poor ah dear and we're fine already.

But I still have to apologise, I know my remarks hurt, I know my lack of response hurt. I'm sorry. But I just got pissed over things that had happened and it just snapped.

What's over is over. Shall not talk about it anymore.
What else happened?? I got myself a lovely SIA uniform and a pair of sandals for my conference in Bangkok. And the best thing, company paid for them!! hee.. though it's not very ex, about 40 bucks, still it's free.. hahaha

I got it nicely altered so it fits me darn well :) shall wear it and take a pic soon. Wanted to wear and show ah dear last weekend but it was in the washer so can't do so.

We got the uniform over at Chinatown last friday and spent like 5 hours over there?! getting all sorts of knick knacks and freebies that we will be giving out in Thailand. Things are cheap over in Chinatown, and you can always bargain to get it cheaper.. fun fun!!
The conference in Thailand have got all of us neck deep in work.. till I can hardly breathe.. I think I OTed for like 4 days in a row, with Thurs hitting almost midnite. I think I'm 神, honest. It's different from working OT in my previous job coz I get paid OT then, but now.. ha, nothing at all. But it's ok, I slacked alot anyway, so just take it as doing work for my slacking lor.. hee.. this is how an optimist thinks.

But the conference.. will be flying on the 7th and coming back on the 13th.. that means I would not get to see Ah Dear for one whole week leh!! And I'll be sleeping all alone in my own room.. that's abit scary. My colleagues wanna share a room at nite, wellz, they can go share all they like as long as it does not involve me.

Talking about them, kinda irritated by them lately. Have I mentioned how stupid I think they are? Like they have not seen the world at all, everything also oo and aa.. And of course I can't find my yummy Meiji Fran at 2 bucks, coz I frequent only Japanese supermarkets like Meidiya. Cold Storage, I can still bare with it. Carrefore? Giant? no no, I don't like them. Sheng Siong? you got to be kidding me. Occassionally I still go to NTUC, coz that's the only semblance of a market I have within walking distance to my place.

Of course I can't find things that are cheap there. But I like it, Meidiya had always been my choice of supermarket, I'm not gonna change it to somewhere else just coz I can find things that are cheaper.

I'm materialistic, I like to keep up appearances, but so? I'm happy and that's what matters.

$2.50 confirm genuine vs $2 might be fake. I would choose the more expensive one anything. And there are fake Fran around, I seen them, I brought them and I got cheated. So I really would rather buy at a higher price with a peace of mind that what I'm getting is the real thing.
Last saturday me, mummy, dajie and ah dear went over to Ko for lunch. It's actually Suntory but they changed the name to Ko, shall do a new review on that once I get back from Thailand I guess.

It was a disappointing meal, the food was not as good as I had the previous time, probably coz the chef is different now. The portions are not as big as before and the shoyu was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too salty. I understand that restaurants cook their own shoyu, but serving the shoyu before tasting? serving lousy food to guest? Now that is bad on their side. Whether you're a new chef or a old chef, you should always taste the food to see if it's fit for the customer.

The food was not exciting like before, it became pretty normal to me. And the serving times were wrong wrong wrong. They were supposed to serve one dish at a time, at most 2 at a time, not 3 or more. It's like rushing the customer to finish the meal and that's bad. That's not the way a fine dining restaurant should be like. A fine dining restaurant will make sure you have ample time to finish your first course, have you finish it before the serve the second course.

But other than the not-so-great food, the service was good as usual. They know my mum and sis (they go there at least once a month), so they chat like old friends.
After lunch we went over to my Aunt's place over at Kemangan. It was HUUUUGEEE!! If you just look at my aunt and my cousins, you would not think that they are rich. But the truth is, they are filthy rich!! Old money left down from their grandfather. The old house they had over at Siglap was even bigger, it had a basketball court for goodness sake. Not big enough, wellz they sold the land and the developer built 8 terrace houses on the land itself. Now is that big or what?

I never really thought that they were rich, when I was younger, I used to go over to my Aunt's place in Siglap. I love going there coz they had a swing. Yes, the simple pleasure of life. At that time, they lived in sorta the side house(?) so it's pretty small and does not like very nice. Only now did I realise just how big their house actually was.

Another measure of how rich their family is. My Aunt's mother-in-law had binded feet. Yepz, her feet were really tiny, like itsy bitsy tiny. It's exactly like those you see in tv shows. For woman to have binded feet, the family must be rich. And they were.

On the trip there, my mum was talking about how my grandma used to love going over Great Aunt's place to gamble. Coz if she wins, the money is hers; if she loses, my Great Aunt will give her money. And it's not only giving her back what she had lost, Great Aunt will give back multiples of 50s. So good!! I also want!! Plus it's chauffeured back and forth. Is there anyone like my Great Aunt that wants to play mahjong?? hee..

Ooo.. I haven gotten to the reason why we went over to my Aunt's place. That's coz my cousin loves to buy clothes, she have tons and tons of clothes that she does not wear anymore and gives away. So off we went to choose some suits for me and my dajie.

We thought we would only get like 4~5 jackets, boy we were wrong. My cousin had like 17 sets of suits laid out for us!! 17 sets of full skirt suits!! some even came with skirts and pants!! omg!! and they're not from This Fashion hor, they are brands like Mix and Match, G2000, M)phosis ok. It's not cheap leh. Let's say 1 set cost an average of 100, that's like almost 2k worth of clothes she gave to us!! *gasps*

And the good thing is, we're almost the same size, so the clothes fit pretty well, though most fits my sister better. She took 12 sets and I got 5. That's way more than enough for me already, I dun usually dress too formal to work.

Thank you dear cousin, next time got more clothes must pass to me oki!! hee

Oh yah, talked to my other cousin that day too.. he drives a Honda and a Kawasaki ZX9!!! I like!! I'm wondering if he can give me a ride :p hee.. Haven been on a 900 before leh, the biggest one is 600.. I wanna go for a spin on a 900!!!

His bike was parked outside the house, but covered, so me and ah dear were wondering what bike was he riding. I saw the green rims and concluded it's a Kawa but ah dear dun believe me, insisting it's a Honda, haha, I'm right :p
Hmm.. what else happened since I last blogged?? erm.. I rot at home on Sunday.. Wanted to come back to office to get some stuff done but then ah dear and I took a short nap and .. .. the short nap became a 4 hour nap, which was totally off the time which I'm supposed to come back to the office. So nuah at home instead.. hee
That's more or less about it.. it had been a long and busy week. I think I'm falling sick soon *sniff* *sniff* been sneezing all day long

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