Friday, October 28, 2005

I wanna move

I seriously would like to move out of my area soon. Been living there for 3 years(?) and I still don't like staying there.

It's not coz of the place, the physical aspects of the place is great, the location is very good. It's in between 2 mrt stations, either one is only 10~15 walk away. There's a bus stop just beside my block, so if I'm lazy to walk I can always take the bus. And the best thing about the feeder service, the last trip ends at almost 1 am!?

Then beside my block is the multistory carpark, so no need to walk too far to get to the car. Across the street is those mini-mall place, with NTUC and two coffee shops. One of the coffee shop is a 24 hour coffee shop, serving food even in the wee hours at night.

Just 5 minutes walk and I can get to the park, which is a must for my Ah Fei. So location-wise, this place is just wonderful, everything I want and need is within walking distance.

So why do I want want want to move? Coz of the people factor. The place is just drowning with people I don't like. They are like everywhere in my area.

I hate the people who loiter around void decks, and what luck I have, I have those people loithering at my void deck all the time. And I don't like it and I fear for my own safety.

I've been returning home late these few weeks coz of my work, and when I get home at like super wee hours, there will always be a group of those people loitering at my void deck. It's scary going home alone.

And those people always bully my dog. They would complain that my dog barks at them.. hello, if you don't come near my door, which you are not supposed to, my dog who not even bother to take a glance at you. Stay away and my dog will stay away.. Bloody people with pig brains.

If only half of them can move out of the area, then I'll stay put.

I shall not say who these people are.. too many cases of sedition and libel and whatever whatever going on recently. Haiz.. We have freedom of speech in Singapore, when we say politically correct things that is. Everything is so watered-down these days, it's no wonder we can never be an arts hub, or even a quality city that the world wants to live in. Passion is a word that's missing from our national identity.
On the topic of sedition, racism.. I've read an article a few weeks back which talked about the sedition case, and how Muslims themselves misunderstood Islam. It was really interesting, but I don't have the article with me now and I dunno if I still have it anymore anyway.

The article talked about the letter to the forum by the Muslim lady asking if dogs should be allowed in a taxi, the letter that sparked the debate and later on the sedition case. It talked about the case that the lady put forward.

I can't remember exactly what the article says but this is what I remembered. The writer argues that the lady was wrong to write that article as evidence is very important in Muslim law. You must have concrete evidence that something had happened before you can make a case against it. If there's only circumstancial evidence, the case will not stand.

Same as in the case of the dog in the taxi, the lady cannot know for sure if the dog will salivate over the seats. She is not in the taxi and cannot see it with her own eyes, so she does not have a case against it.

The writer goes on writing about how Muslims should learn to be more tolerant of other races in Singapore.

That brings me to what I want to say. Recently there's much news about the sedition cases, the Chinese are being made out to be racist against the Muslims. But what about the other side of the story, what about racist muslims?

I don't have much malay friends, I was brought up in a Chinese school.. even in JC I don't have any malay classmates.

But the few malays I know are great people, they are fun to be with and great to talk to.
All in all, back to my topic, I just wanna move out of my area!! I wanna move to hougang, coz it's pretty convenient, near Ah Dear's place.. and most importantly, under opposition care so I can finally get to vote!!!

I want to exercise my right to vote!!

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