Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thank you for understanding

yah, thank you for fucking understanding how damn tired I am right now. It's 11 plus and I'm still in the office. Thank you for fucking arguing with me lor. Thank you so much.

I'm selfish then so be it lor. I said I don't want it means I don't want it. I can buy things on my own, thank you very much. I do not need someone to buy for me then place a tag on it. I like to buy things on my own so I can do whatever I like with it. And I can use whenever I feel like it.

Wanna show ur friends then show lor. Ask me when you already promised to bring it. Hello, what kinda choice is that for me? Can I say no? Did I really have a choice? Finally I figured out how to use it and you take it away, u think anyone will be happy?

I'm selfish, don't have to remind me of that, I know it better than anyone else.

Since you already have it with it, have all the contacts on it, then keep lor. I'm ok with whatever I have.

You already said it's mine yet you don't want to give it to me, then what? I'm supposed to smile and give it to you? You really don't know me well enough, I hate hate hate sharing, lending my new stuff out. Share and lend all you want after I played with it, I don't care. But not when I haven even had a chance to explore it properly.

I let you have it for so long already, I have a limit on how much I can give lor. And the limit is reached. I don't like the way you keep trying to show it off. That's mine, not yours. Don't start flaunting something that is not yours.


Burnz said...

i'm not flunting and saying tht it's mine. i dun like to brag something that's not mine. i know it's urs... dun have any intentions of ZHAN WEI JI YOU. U claim i dunno u well enough... do u understand me... im someone who never habors any ill thoughts abt things that i give out... i only wan u to be happy receiving it...

Anonymous said...

1 question: "do you love ur phone more than your boyfriend? or vice versa?"

just my thoughts... and I think you should think about this too... cool down ya?

Jayce said...

Sometimes people fight over the weirdest stuff and this was something we fought over.

Everything is good now, we argued and we made up.

I was tired, I was pissed. I was angry and now I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

my ah dear u better break up with her