Sunday, October 09, 2005


好喜欢这部剧喔 :)


Amazing show.. but it's too bad the timing is off for me, by the time I get back home, I can catch at most 15 minutes of the show, minus away all the ad times.. a mere 10 minutes..

But that does not stop me from falling in love with the lead actor who is like super uber cute.. hee.. and he goes by a vege name :p

I guess what is appealing about the show is that everyone wants to find a prince/princess one way or another. We are always looking for the best, the best that is defined by our society. A rich and handsome guy who will sweep us off our feets, woo and serenade us with his charms.. A guy who loves you so much that no matter what you did, he will learn to forgive you.

An ideal guy..

I think it was last friday's episode where the lead was about to give up all his riches, his past, his fiancee just for the lead actress. Even when she was the one who had landed him in his present state. To me, that's sweet, very very sweet.. initially.. then I realise that is not a relationship I would want.

Of course it's feels good to have someone give in to you all the time. Whatever you do or say is always right, but it's not right. You lose the chance to fall and learn, you lose the chance to take a different look at yourself and lose the chance to grow and improve.

Life is not a bed of roses, and I've learnt it the hard way. Somewhere along that route, someone stood by me and told me nasty things that I do not like to hear, yet those are the words that woke me up from my dreams and made me who I am today. I'm not perfect, I don't think I can be, but thanks to that person, I'm a much better person today.

Various people influence us in our lives, that one person changed the way I look at things, the way I demand the best from the people I meet and from myself. I'm still very much a slacker but that person had shown me what it is to strive for something.

That person?? who is that person??

王子变青蛙, a prince becoming a frog, from the heights of power to a lowly amphibian.. In life, we do need to fall before we can learn how to walk. But sometimes, a fall is enough to kill us.

Messy thoughts today.. mixed mood over things.. I just want something that was mine back, but what's gone is gone.. Just like the smoke I was trying to catch, I can see it, but I can never hold it in my hands.

I wonder if there is a better world out there.. far off.. a place where only legends exist.

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