Tuesday, September 13, 2005

There's no such thing as Anonymous on the Internet

unless u're this super duper techie who uses tons and tons of servers and such to avoid being tracked..

Back in uni, my prof already told us that there's no such thing as being anonymous on the Internet, especially to the relevant authorities.. think about it, how many of us surf thru our local ISPs?? Singnet, Pacnet, Maxonline.. every single logons are logged.. you can always leave an anonymous msg on someone's blog, use a bogus email address to register and post comments on forums, but your IP add is logged everywhere you surf..

of course, based on your IP add, there's only so much I can know, like which country the server is in, what that server name is called (I jus found this one Disney Worldwide Services Inc surfing my blog.. ).. sometimes the server name is the company name, so I know people who are surfing with their work pc :p no worries, I do that all the time.. hee..

But the point is, without any work, just registering for a site counter, I can get so much information on the pple coming over to my blog, what to say the relevant authorities.. they have way more processing powers on their hands, not to mention the rights to pry into our surfing records.. technically not rights but then they could always suspect someone to be a terrorist and all rights are waived for that person.. Internal security mah..

now the word is sedition.. I only heard of sedation.. seditious remarks.. such an ambiguious term.. I never got the hang of law terms anyway.. too chim for me.. and I'm really too lazy to read thru all those boring words.. give me a 600 page SF, I'll devour it, give me a 1 page law book, I'll go to sleep.. besides, many times in law, words get twisted left, right, centre.. sometimes I feel that it's not a matter of justice, but more of a matter of having more money to engage the best defense lawyer.

Jus remember, next time when you feel like posting something offensive online.. take 5.. go do something else, cool down then decide again if you really want to post that.. if the answer is still a yes.. wellz, there's always Tor *winkz*

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