Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My work is recognised.. *touched*

oh my.. I'm really so touched..

I do up a newsletter every week, based on some financial analysis thingy that the investment dept sends over.. Will proceed to digest the writings then do a short write-up in the newsletter to entice pple to logon and read more.. But I suspect readership is pretty low, coz I myself was not bothered by these newsletters till I had to churn one out every week.. and the stats that I pulled out from the system is really kinda disappointing

I'm not into finance.. I only watch John Terret (?) and Malcom King (?) on CNA in the morning coz I like the way they speak.. dun like Jennifer Alihandro (?) coz she's .. .. .. jus dun like the way she's all over Timothy Goh.. haha.. yes, I'm a TV buff and I do watch CNA religiously every morning from monday to friday.. I love Suezanne Jung (?), she's so poise and pretty, saw her in person before and she's just as pretty.. haha.. I know, I cant spell all their names, and I cant be bothered to go check them out.. not now, still got things to rush after this post..

I've received an email just now and here's what it said "I've always waited for your CSU online features." it was from this PB from Korea.. *shocks* someone reads my newsletter!!! I tot no one bothers to read such stuff but apparently someone did and she always waited for it :) *smirks* It's just so darn good to know that someone actually reads what I wrote..

then the email proceeded to ask me on the meanings of some economic terms and I gave her the wikipedia link.. err.. actually sometimes I also dun really understand all the terms that I've read, but just dump them into the newsletter.. oppz.. but I do try hor, sometime just really over my head..

The most important thing is that my work is recognised.. :) I love my job :)

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Burnz said...

yes.. getting a confirmation is very important in ur job area, it just perks up everything... anything...make u wan to do more and serve an extra mile.

Dear ... Jia you.