Monday, September 12, 2005

I have a bad habit..

.. of watching shows halfway and not finishing it.. especially when it comes to vcd where there's disc one and two.. will always finish disc one and then too tired/bored/sianz to go on and watch disc two..

Let's count the titles, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Catch me if you can, Quill and so many more I dun remember the names..

Bad habit.. it tells a lot doesn it.. But I'm a gemini, I'm well known for having a shorter than short attention span :p and sometimes there are reasons why I dun wanna finish the show.

Like Quill, coz it died in the end.. I really dun like to watch such sad endings.. Then sometimes coz I've already seen the show before and thus I dun see the need to see everything again.. Other times I'm just plain lazy to watch on..

Another bad habit of mine is to buy and buy vcds, and not watch them.. I still have a couple of vcds which I haven even opened :p I jus like to spend money.. and weekends are too precious to spend watching vcd, i rather look at my ah dear all day long..

Buying something and yet not utilizing it.. watching something and yet not finishing it.. I wonder why really.. is it really coz of the reasons I gave, are the shows really that boring? or is it something else? Am I thinking too much?

Sometimes I dun wanna continue coz I know it will end.. and i can choose not to let it end by not watching it till the end.. It is so unlike life where I do not have a choice at many times.. Am i trying to assert control over my life or I'm really thinking too much??

Now that reminds me of Joey, where he will keep the book in the fridge so that the main character would not die.. it was funny at first.. then I realise it's something that everyone would do if it really works.. How we wish we have the powers to stop some things from happening.. But life is really like a book/vcd, whether you finish reading/watching it or not, the ending is already there, etched in stone.. no one and nothing can change it.

Such is life..

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