Thursday, September 29, 2005

Semen's alternative use

Semen is essential in the procreation process which our government urges us to do.. but it have an alternative use too!!

It can be used to improve ties between countries too!!!

Singapore: Bull Semen Improved China Ties - Excite News

Sep 27, 6:47 AM (ET)

SINGAPORE (AP) - Singapore said Tuesday that relations with the Chinese province of Shandong grew after it presented officials there with a "unique" gift: quality bull semen.
"Bilateral ties between Singapore and Shandong received another boost Monday, this time with Singapore presenting a unique gift of 200 straws of bull semen," International Enterprise Singapore said in a statement.
The gift of semen was part of a pact to help the eastern Chinese province "improve the quality of cattle breeding and dairy products," said IE Singapore, the external economic wing of the government.
The semen was pooled from dairy bull from the United States and Canada, the statement said.

But how come the sperm is from US and Canada?? Do we need foreign talent for that too?! *tongue in cheek*


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