Thursday, September 29, 2005

Newspapers these day..

My GP tutor used to tell us to read the editorial everyday, to know what's happening around us and to learn the way the editors write. She told us that that's the style of writing that would get us a good grade in GP..

These days, I rather my sister who is in JC1 to read nothing. The standards of the editorial.. .. .. and the length seems to be getting shorter.. or is it coz I've been only reading weekend editorials?? hmm.. doesn matter..

Recently there had been a lot of woo-ha in the media about blogging and bloggers.. We are actually worse than porn in the eyes of a ST reporter.. gee.. I guess we are, since we dun feature all the hot naked bodies gyrating against each other; doing things that are so clearly enjoyable; responding to the government's pro-creation calls; Bloggers do nothing than rant and rave, talk bad about the government, talk bad about other races, talk bad about our teachers, and basically talk bad about everything under the sun.. *tsk* *tsk* I suppose bloggers are all bad people, coming up with blogs that are worse than porn..

But think about this, if blogs are more scary than porn, then why do the media keep harping about it? Why is the media giving so much attention to the blogs? The media shines its spotlight onto blogs, more people knows about it, more people starts to blog, the more "interesting news" come out, the more the media reports about it.. and it goes on and on.. If blogs are as bad as the reporters think they are, why keep featuring them? Stop reporting, cross them out of the news reports, interests will die down and what belongs to the online world will remain confined to the online world, but of course some things will break free eventually, but that's another story.

Blog blog blog blog blog.. To me, it's popular now coz it's a new toy to many people, people find it exciting and interesting.. But whose interest lasts forever? Not mine for sure, sooner or later I will get weary of blogging and stop updating this blog totally. Else something newer and better will come out and I'll jump ship... like the "instant reporter" thingy that allows user to link to tv stations via 3G video conferencing anywhere in the world (areas with 3G coverage of course), I'll definitely jump ship when that becomes easily available *wink*

Blogging is a trend, just like emails, Alamak chat, IRC, ICQ.. everything about technology makes the front page of the news, but sooner or later, the trend will die.. of course people will continue using them, but people will learn that the new toys are not their whole world, that they have other better things to do.

Schools reprimanding students for "flaming" their teachers.. we had been doing that for eons, calling our teachers names behind their backs.. and I started this book in JC, where we have different categories in which we can nominate anyone we like.. the categories include the most basic "the cutest guy/girl" and there was one I like the best "Who is the person that you like most to tie up to a tree and have his/her leg hair plucked off one by one". In that particular category, my accounts teacher had the highest votes.. coz we all suffered like hell under her.. Is that considered flaming too??

At most times, such supposed "flaming" are done in the heat of a moment, we were just angry at the particular teacher. Other times, it's just done for fun, to relieve us of the stress of the packed packed packed schedules. Once we finish our exams, graduate, we look back, we DO SEE that our teachers are there to help and guide us. We may resent the things that they said, made us do, but at the end of the day, we hold no grudges, we KNOW that our teachers do care for us. So why do schools have to intervene, suspend students and leave a permanent mark in their lives? This will just make students resent the teachers more.

And made worst, the newspapers have to pick up this story and splash it on their front page, no names were mentioned but how would the students involved feel when they see the article? And how would they feel when they return to school "famous"? Of course, one can argue that the students deserves it coz they never considered how would their teachers feel..

Hello.. they are students.. I repeat, STUDENTS. They are young, implusive and at many times foolish, what do the teachers really expect from them?! If the students are really so smart, think twice before saying things, wise, what do they need teachers for? They should be the ones teaching.

ST's article on students "flaming" their teachers is uncalled for to me. ST's regard of blogs being worse than porn is also uncalled for it me. Maybe it's time for ST to reconsider their editorial position.

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