Friday, September 30, 2005

我爱我的 Ah Dear

I love my silly gong Ah dear :p

Did not meet him from mon to wed this week as he had something on.. Felt kinda weird coz I was so used to meeting my ah dear everyday, where he will come fetch me home from work..

Anyway finally he was free on thursday and he came over to meet me for lunch.. had a lovely nice lunch and right at the moment where I got back to my office and sat down, and I got a delivery for me..

That silly boy got me these..
Lovely tulips
Coz he felt bad that he did not have time for me this week.. especially when I'm super super busy with my Bangkok conference..

Pretty rite?? It's tulips :)
Here's a closer shot..
Lovely tulips
It's lovely lovely purple tulips.. though I think it's white tulips dyed purple..
Another closer shot..
Lovely tulips
This is a very pretty bouquet :) 我很喜欢!!

Thank thank thank you ah dear, you really made my day :) *muaah*

**Mummy really scolded me when u went home, say we waste money :Þ

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