Monday, September 05, 2005


My mei and dearie had a great laugh at me last week coz of this 小可爱 thing..

There's this talkshow called 女人我最大 over on channel u on saturday nites.. we like to watch the show coz it's darn funny.. so last week, they were talkin about girls who likes to act cute.. and one of the guest said something which got my mei pointing at me, and laughing non-stop for like more than 5 minutes.. of course dearie joined it laughing at me..

The guest was saying he dun mind girls acting cute now and then but not when girls whine about little things like mosquito bites.. whine about getting a mozzie bite and asking him to get some cream for her.. *oppz* guilty as charged.

There are mozzies attacks recently mah.. so a few weeks back, I got a HUGE bite by a mozzie and I was sorta nicely whining to my dearie.. telling him how painful and itchy it was and asking him to apply cream for me :p

That's the incident they remembered and started laughing at me.. so bad hor *pouts*

haha.. i'm not so bimbo one oki.. someone once said I cant be a bimbo coz I only fulfill the no-brains part and not the big boobs part.. fine :p

But I admit I "tan" or "sha jiao" alot.. that's the way I got my way around mah.. it works on my dad and my bf :p doesn work on my brother though, he's immune to them liao.. Jus act cute abit.. enn abit then they will ok ok.. really.. if that doesn work, jus pout abit and then pretend to get angry, definitely will work :p

I am a 小可爱 mah.. hee.. and I'm small and petite, and I have a sweet voice (can also say phone sex voice :p), so I have all the requirements to be a 小可爱 :)

Dearie dotes on me alot.. anything I want, he'll try to get it for me.. think he's spoiling me too much already.. :p he really gives in alot to me, and he doesn argue with me.. I'm very blessed to find such a good boyfriend :)

We had a great weekend over at Sentosa (shall blog about that later) and it made me realise jus how important he is to me.. you know sometimes in a relationship, one tends to take things for granted and sorta like "forget" about the other party.. then some things will happen and you realise just how important that person is to you..

This happened to me over the weekend.. suddenly very overwhelmed.. there was this rush of feelings.. Dun ask me why, I really dunno.. maybe it's the place, sentosa is always special to me, maybe it's all the cable car rides?? Adrenaline rush?? Jus suddenly felt very loved and touched.. It's a great feeling..

I used to be unsure about my feelings, about our future.. now I can say I really want to spend the rest of my life with Jason..

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Burnz said...

Dear... i really had a great time with u also, i had never been to sentosa with any of my love b4 and there i had it woth u ... such wonderful memories.

I can't bear to let U go.