Monday, September 05, 2005

Long term relationships

I always believe that relationships will hit a snag once time and complency sets in. When one gets so comfortable with the other that they start to take each other for granted and starts seeking attention elsewhere.

It's sad but true.. and 4 years seems to be the number of years where break-ups occur most frequently.. Let's see, there's at least 4 people I know who broke up around 4 years into the relationship.. 4=死? superstition??

Recently heard about this couple who were in a long term relationship who breaking up.. coz of a 3rd party.. it's sad.. for the guy. The girl is jus darn stupid, cant see past the antics of the 3rd party. But then only fools fall in love. and who are we to judge??

The guy is a good guy, very doting on the gf, spends all his money on her, sends her all over the place. But she had an "affair" with one of her colleagues, got discovered and decided to go back to her boyfriend. So boyfriend asked her and that guy out to talk things out once and for all. The 3rd party threaten to quit his job, claimed to have broken up with his gf (damn bastard, have a gf and still go chase another guy's gf) and cried in front of them. Girl softens.. says she needs time to think about it. Good guy sends her flowers, 3rd party got wind of it and sends her flowers too. Girl decides to go with 3rd party..

Man, sometimes you really need to step out of it all to see things clearly.. It's so clear that the guy is scheming, using all sorts of tricks to get the girl.. crying, threatening to quit, breaking up with gf, getting flowers.. how low can a guy stoop??

I'm not saying all 3rd parties are bad, I myself had been involved in such a situation before and I ended up with happy with the supposed third party. But my third party did not stoop to crying and threatening. He jus stood by and support me even when I chose to get back with my ex. Then also stood by me when me and my ex broke up yet again and eventually won me over.

This guy is different. He cried and threaten. To me, it's a sign that he's a person with an agenda. But then sometimes, we never know, maybe he really liked her alot, to the point that he had to resort to such tricks to get her. Only time can tell.

But there's something I'm very against and that is, dun shit where you eat. Never get involved with someone in your company. There are even company rules discouraging such relationships, so there must be a good reason behind it. No matter how professional one is, there will be times when he/she gets too caught up with the relationship, so it's best to have a relationship outside that of the company, or at the very least, the department.

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