Monday, September 05, 2005

I've touched a 903!!!

Yes I did.. I really really did.. now I'm even more determined than before to get the phone.. argh.. please please please unlock it soon..

Anyway I've played with a 902 before and can say, the feel and build of 903 is much much better than 902..

Anyway I was on my way back to the office.. after going over to marina for a meeting.. hee.. i like meetings outside of the office, at least get a break.. then i saw this lady with a white phone.. nothing very special, jus that it's a sharp phone with orange backlight..

Hang on a second.. white phone with orange backlight.. I called Wenwei immediately and it was confirmed, 902 only have white backlight.. so it's a freaking 903 I'm seeing!! omg.. I was hyperventilating.. 903 903..

I was hesitant to approach her, but Wenwei kept asking me to go over so I did.. turned out she was this friendly Japanese lady using who just got the phone from Japan and was on Vodafone roaming.. rich siah..

She let me look at the phone, even hold it.. gosh.. she was so nice :)

The phone is really amazing.. the screen is like 902, jus absolutely brilliant.. the feel.. oo.. the built.. oo.. it's really much better than 902.. When i played with 902 sometime back, my first reaction was how big the phone was, it's like so darn big and long, but 903 gives no such feel.. in fact it feels like my 802se..

the buttons are pretty comfy.. and looks jus so darn pretty..

God I'm in love with the phone.. anyone got any lobang?? locked also can..

Btw, have to thank the nice, sweet, cute Wenwei for braving through the comex crowd and gettin me the dvd writer!! thank you so much no. 2 :) my bf really liked it alot :)

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