Thursday, September 01, 2005

All alone in the office

Everyone is out for lunch and I'm all alone in the office.. ..

I dun really mind coz at least I could surf without worrying about anyone coming over and seeing that i'm not doing work :p but I do try to finish my work ok, only surf when i really cannot get on with the work or I've finished doing them. Breaks are essential to one's well being mah..

And I'm not really lonely coz my kor is busy messaging me.. Hmm.. what about this guy?? he's really very funny and cute.. but can never go out with him and robin else i sure get suan till I die one :p and in a way we are quite close, he's also one whom listened to me alot when i was low last year.. Only thing, he sheng zai fu zhong bu zhi fu.. still very playful and cant settle down.. kor, 27 liao leh!! time to be abit more serious.. since long hair girl is so good, jus try to be guai for her lah..

haha.. oh, i forgot to mention my kor is a handphone fanatic also, jus like me, wenwei and robin.. all of us handphone siao.. got hp, anything also can.. hee

There's one thing about my office and it's jus how quiet it is.. even when there's people around.. now with no one around.. it's super super quiet.. abit eerie..

ok.. on abit of music.. so much better now..
was reading Jun's blog and came over these lyrics

"Well I'd rather you be mean than love and lie
I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I'd rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby don't you break my heart slow..."

was so.. Baby don't you break my heart slow.. this was a song we really liked back during school days.. but now looking at the lyrics.. I wonder.. is it better to know the truth or live in lies..

of course no one wants to live in lies.. but lies are often sugar-coated.. if one never finds out about the truth, can you say he's being lied to??

What is the truth and what are lies?? to me it's a matter of prespective, perception.. what is one man's lies may be another man's truth.. I'm not talking about blatant lies here, but the more subtle ones, even white lies..

At many times I really not know the truth, coz it hurts too much.. but think about this, finding out the truth from the person involved, or finding out the truth from the gossip grapevines.. which one hurts even more??

But what if you never find out the truth?? ignorance is bliss.. but is that called deceiving oneself??

What you don't know can't hurt you.. how much truth is there in it..

shall end with an oxy-moron (?) I've once read..

I'm a consistent liar

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