Thursday, September 01, 2005

Me a Paparazzi??

Was chatting with a friend the other day, gossiping about this mutual friend that we had.. actually it was more of a bashing session of that mutual friend.. but we mean no harm oki..

girls mah, when you put two girls together.. what would they do?? bitch lor.. hee..

anyway she said something very funny, that I should go be paparazzi, since I was so good at digging info about that mutual friend.. hahah.. maybe hor..

It's not that I'm good at digging other people's information.. it's jus that I do know quite a few popular people who knows alot of other people.. so easy to find out information mah..

And for that mutual friend.. i have my way lah.. haha.. trade secret, how can tell?? :Þ

And another reason why i can be a paparazzi, i can be very mean when i want to be.. after years of cultivation, I can shoot off "fuck" like nobody's business.. and bloody hell, son a a bitch, arsehole and so so much more.. but i dun swear in Hokkien, it's jus too crude for me.. Would like to learn how to swear in French though.. watched Irreversible before and the French sounds damn good even when swearing.. I wanna learn how to swear in French!!

I have a mean streak, never said I'm goody two shoes.. I like the way I am right now.. :)

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