Thursday, August 25, 2005

*Warning* Profanities ahead!!!

Please do not read on if u dun like to listen to complains in a crude crude language..



Fucking pissed with that fucker right now..

last time he complained that his brother is a fucker coz he borrowed money from his dad to go on a holiday.. now look who's doing the same thing?! i fucking hate people who have double standards, they themselves can fucking do everything they want and then become damn critical when it comes to someone else.

Damn that fucking asshole!! and for Darren's fucking girlfriend, He's a fucking bastard! and i mean it literally.

all the fucking statement about family problems. Fuck, got money problem can still go Bintan and play lah.. ok lor.. i hope ur fucking ferry sinks on the way. and let her die and make u feel guilty for the rest of ur life.. hmm.. no no, cant let that happen.. coz u'll probably find another fucking girlfriend before we can even blink.

What the fuck about not getting a gf before u cannot completely put down something.. so what the fuck is that all about huh??

No money cannot get from gf one izzit? die die must get from dad.. and that is not as bad as ur brother. I really pity his mum and dad, gave them all their money and savings and end up having sons like that.. I rather stay childless all my life. I rather have dogs.

No money cannot jus stay in fucking singapore and save the money? 6 months no leave then now must go holiday lah. Cannot go somewhere cheaper like JB? oh, if i have more money then I'll go to Phuket.. then go borrow from your dad lor, what's the difference between 500 and 1000?? tell me? since it's from your dad, can dun return also mah

Fucking arsehole, bastard. So how bastard is he?? wellz.. let's see.. he cant even tell me which girlfriend i am, no 5 or 6.. coz he fucked and fool with too many girls already. Oh yah, that girlfriend of his, dun be suprised if one day a little kid comes along and call him dad..

Fucking pissed.. fucking double standard..

and I'm curious, what the heck does his gf want to read my blog.. I'm NOT INTERESTED in ur readership.. have to fucking tell me, worried I say things about him?? hmm.. wat else can I say, that he tried to hook up with a 13 year old girl whilst he was with me?? or the time he held someone else's hands? misunderstanding or not, it's right there in front of my parents' eyes. Dun shit where u eat lah, any kid can tell u that.. or even my dog.

When did he really have morals?? So i shld not be suprised to hear him pulling his brother's stunt, shldn I..

Wellz I'll probably regret writing all these in the morning.. but it's fucking midnight now and he told me all these BULLSHIT.. lack of sleep, bad mood, crying session.. what can you expect from a blogger??

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