Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Was talking to a friend yesterday and he was telling me about 走光.. recalling an incident where he saw this girl 走光 for a full 5 secs on the train :p hmm..

My question is, what is so interesting about that? I mean, i dun get excited if i see a guy's brief's sticking out.. actually I find it kinda turnoff.. cant he even wear his clothes properly? I dun like guys with those super baggy jeans.. eee.. cannot find something that fits properly?? duh.. I like my man in pants.. pants that shows the butt.. hahah.. I think I have a butt fetish.. hee..

oo.. and for those who knows me, I have a thigh fetish.. Takeshi Kaneshiro's to be exact.. he have like the most most most shapely, sexy thighs I've ever seen on a guy.. Gotta tell my 心动 story.. there was this scene where Takeshi was sitting on the chair whilst Karen Mok was sitting on the floor.. plus, he was wearing shorts.. so his thighs were like in-my-face-oh-my-god.. first time I realised that thighs can be so damn sexy.. or maybe it's jus him.. *awww* for some time after watching the show, I cant stop telling everyone jus how good the show was coz it showed Takeshi's thighs.. hahah.. crazy rite?

Back to my point, I dun get what's the big deal about girls 走光.. but apparently, it's quite a big deal to guys. And I do know alot of guys that makes a BIG deal over this, whether it's looking or preventing.. Of course different guys have different opinions, but the bottomline is, they're still excited over seeing a girl 走光, whether is from the top view or the bottom view..

Of course, I admit I look at times too, coz some girls really have very pretty figure mah.. pretty things are meant to be admired :p but of course I'm not interested in the bottom view, panties only mah, I also have :p what's so exciting about seeing something that you cannot get? If I see something I like, I try to get it.. (I've tried to get Takeshi but failed miserably.. hahah.. no lah, where got chance to even get near to him.. the nearest I got to him is to watch tv and stick my face on the screen.. haha)

And guys have double standard.. they like to see girls 走光 but then not their girlfriends.. so they'll make noise when you wear revealing clothes and stuff.. then they'll proceed to stare at every other girl that's wearing revealing clothes.. but not all guys of course..

But I must complain!! while having dinner with me must look at other girls ma?!? u (#*&(#*%&#* wanna look at least look at the nicer ones that i've pointed out mah, instead of looking at the female version of every tom, dick and harry :p

hee.. actually that's my main point, whilst having dinner with me next time, please remember to look at me more can? and dun keep looking at some plain ordinary girls.. if there's anything nice, we can always look together ok :p MUST HAVE STANDARD!!!


Burnz said...

Dear... did i look at other girls ??? i thought u told me to look at the girl HP accessories. But then ... i didn't notice any pretty girls just now at the dinner leh.
Sorry that i didn't pay attention to u... was busy cutting the food for u. Eh... still i dun remember i looking at any girls just now... realllly.

Jayce said...

Baby it's not you.. :p I was talking about that stupid WW lah.. keep staring at other girls while having dinner with me.. that *#%*&^ haha..

U always pay more attention to me than I do to you ar.. dun worry ok