Saturday, August 13, 2005

Presidential Hopeful part 2

Singapore: Presidential contest - panic in the PAP? - by Yawning Bread in ThinkCentre

Reuters' Interview with Andrew Kuan - Singabloodypore

It's interesting to see how everything is turning out.. First no comments from Hyflux and JTC about Andrew Kuan's employment history.. then after our PM made that "he should come clean with his employment history" statement.. suddenly everyone started coming clean, saying this and that..

PM's statement was unexpected. I've always thought he's the kind that speaks his mind, like his dad, but that statement.. hidden agenda?? no comments.

Hyflux calling Andrew Kuan irresponsible. JTC commenting that he needs too much "hand-holding".. I dunno.. I still feel that he should be given a chance to run for presidency.

There is a need for transparency in the Certificate of Eligiblity process. how do we know the people in the committee are really that impartial and can judge the hopefuls based on their abilities, instead of party preference?

Read the papers and read that two of the jury of the Michael Jackson child molestation case came out, saying that they believed that he was guilty, but they were pressured by the rest to vote in favour of Jackson. Although I always believe that MJ is innocent (too much money have its perils), and i think these two are just trying to get publicity.. the fact is even the jury can crumble under pressure, what more to say about the committee selecting the presidential hopeful??

I think competition is good, it serves as a form of check against the existing system. Though the system is good now, but it always be better. Talk about apathy, that youngsters these days are apathetic. How can we possible show that we care when all competition are crushed at first sight?

I cant say I'm totally pro-PAP, but i think they really did a great job. From a tiny dot to where we are now. Not everyone can do it but we did it. PAP did a great job in leading the nation. But times had changed, in order for Singapore to grow, we need space, in creativity, in political freedom. We need to become the thinking people of tomorrow and we need alternative inputs.

They should learn to take competition in a good way, competition can show pple how good they actually are. Without darkness, there cannot be light. We need something to match against.. And if the competition is really that good that they lost, at least they lost to a worthy opponent.

But like i said before, politics is dirty.. power is corrupting..

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