Friday, August 12, 2005

The Facts Speak Louder than "The Silent Scream"

pple around my age or older shld remember this video called "The Silent Scream" Who can forget it? it's gory and scary that it stays in your minds after years..

We were shown this vid in sec 2 i think, but only part of it. At that period of time, schools were using the shock tatic, showing students all kinds of bloody, gory pictures to scare us from having premarital sex.. But I guess they mellowed over the years, I dun think my mei got a chance to watch this vid. My dajie got the gross brochure, which had pictures of foetus mixed with blood in a pail, a bottle of red liquid (blood plus water?) with small limbs.. It was horrible. damn horrible.

Other than The Silent Scream, I got to watch another one on illegal abortions in India, infanticide even.. but cant remember much of that already, only remember that only female babies are aborted/killed.

But despite watchin all these videos, I'm always a pro-choicer. I believe that as a woman, we should have the rights to choose. It's our bodies and lives. Of course it's unfair to the unborn baby, but life is never fair. Given a choice to bring a life into this world and not being able to provide for her, or terminating her life whilst I still could. I would choose the latter. 长痛不ru短痛.

And no one but the woman, and maybe the father, have a right to say anything. It's their child, not someone else's.

After reading the article in Planned Parenthood called The Facts Speak Louder than "The Silent Scream" and I felt it made me wonder.. is a life yet unborn so important that people can have complete disregards for the person alive?? The woman who is pregnant?? Does anyone cares about how she feels?? I quote from INS, "And it is scary--because not once during the film is the woman depicted as anything but a uterus with a camera in it."

In the mid-1980s, leaders of the anti-abortion movement
produced a video called
The Silent Scream.
The video, epitomizing the anti-abortion agenda and strategy,
tried to shift the focus of the abortion debate
away from compassion for the health and needs of the woman
to an exaggerated concern for the fetus.
Although riddled with scientific, medical, and legal inaccuracies
as well as misleading statements and exaggerations,
The Silent Scream is still wildly popular
with anti-abortion zealots.
And it continues to be a key tool in their propaganda efforts.

Read through the article, look at the skewed facts, look at the inaccuracies.. I've always believed that the video is real, all the things mentioned and described are true (I haven become as cynical as I am now in Sec 2). And now.. I feel cheated somehow..

This is not about pro-choice or pro-life, it's about bluffing people. It's making people believe in things that are not true and it is not right. But then again, how much things we see on the tv are true? This should serve as a lesson that we should be more discerning and take everything we see with a pinch of salt.

I always feel that life should be about the people that are alive, leaving and kicking.. not about people long dead and people who are yet unborn. True, the unborn child might be the next Mozart, but the word is "might", he might jolly well turn out to be the next Hilter.

Life is about interacting and changing with the environment. If one is not prepared for a child, not able to provide a proper environment for the child, should she really bring the child into this world??

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The Facts SpeakLouder than "The Silent Scream"

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